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Gal at Home® is someone who understands that home is not just a place you love or that your loved ones live in. Home can be a myriad things—all aspects of your self, your life, that make up everything special and unique about you.

Home is your self: 
your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, your body, and even your passions. 

Home is in the people
you love: whoever you deem
is family—whether fated, found, or formed.

Home is your environment: your dwelling place, your community, your city or country, and this planet.

…a busy working woman who cares (and lives) for her spouse and kids. She resides in a place that may or may not yet be their forever home, but where she would love to give her loved ones happy and cherished memories.

She wants her home to be a place where all members of her household—human or animal—coexist harmoniously together. She loves creating little corners of warmth, pockets of joy, and areas of peace and tranquility. By establishing specific zones with specific functions, she is able to create space for each occupant’s unique needs and passions.

Gal at Home® also respects her environment. When living in an “inherited space”—whether rented, bought from a previous owner, or literally inherited from family—she respects the structure, the architecture, its history, and allows it to “speak” to her, in order to make the necessary changes. 

She also understands that home doesn’t stop within the confines of a physical house. Home extends to the world outside: the community in which they live, the neighborhood that cradles their home. And in order for home to feel like the safe space it should be, Gal at Home® does her part in being a good neighbor and member of the community. (This is also why she loves choosing local.)

When it comes to the planet, Gal at Home® is also keenly aware that we all only have one planet to live on, and that makes it all the more imperative that we take care of it. She is more conscious of her choices for the home, making sure that what she is doing or using is sustainable for herself, the household, and the planet. 

Gal at Home® knows that all this outward work will be for nothing if she does not take care of herself. So she always asks if what she is doing is worth the stress and anxiety she may be inflicting on herself or others. She works to keep her mind, body, and soul sound, healthy, and nourished. She values fitness and healthy living, but also calm and stress-free thinking. She works to keep all aspects of herself healthy—physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and psychologically.

Above all, Gal at Home® knows that she is not perfect, and gives herself (as well as the people and environment around her) the grace to understand that it is the journey—and not the end goal—that matters.

What is Gal at Home® looking for?

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Gal at Home® just wants a no-fuss, straightforward approach to caring for the home that she loves. While she wants her home to exude her and her family’s unique warmth and personality, she also values her well-being highly, and does not aspire for perfection.

She knows that perfection is just an ideal, not a requirement.  

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I have always loved seeing other people’s spaces and how they make it work for their own unique lifestyles and preferences. There’s always something new to learn with how people make 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘪𝘳 homes work 𝘧𝘰𝘳 them. ⁠

But I’m well aware that there are other people who look at their own spaces and draw a blank when it comes to how they should arrange their furniture, how they should style their surfaces, how they should decorate their spaces. ⁠

This is why I went into this business: To help exactly those people who don’t know what to do with their own spaces. I want to help you see your home with fresh eyes. To help you embrace the uniqueness of your home situation. To give you ideas on how to assess your space, plan it correctly, and style it accordingly. ⁠

I love helping people refresh their homes, through home styling and interior design techniques I’ve learned and apply and in many of my design projects. READ MORE…

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