The Homestyling Vault

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Ever needed specific info and you didn't know where to find it?

You know, it’s for those times…

….when you need to measure your room before renovating, but you don’t exactly know what measurements to take down?

…when you decide to buy new furniture, but you have no idea how much to budget for everything?

…when you’re having big-ticket items delivered to your home, and you have no idea what information you should have before that’s delivered?

…when you have so many projects you want to do at home, but aren’t sure which ones to prioritize?

I made PDFs for exactly those moments!

Because sometimes, Google and Pinterest and TikTok just end up being black holes of content and we never find the information we need that way.

I created these homestyling resources so that you would never have to lose yourself in the bottomless pit that is the internet, only to get you info that isn’t reliable at all. The stuff you’ll find here in The Homestyling Vault?

All designer-standard stuff 👌

All based on real-world application 👌

All researched and reviewed before publishing 👌

And when we do need to update the material, you’ll have access to that too.

Get your hands on

The Homestyling Vault

A treasure trove of downloadable resources you can use for styling your home

here's what you'll get
  • room measuring guides
  • how to measure and make a rough sketch of your space
  • delivery measuring guide
  • room audit worksheet
  • shop your own home worksheet
  • budget your furnishings worksheet
  • home goals planner

…and many more!



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