Know exactly what steps to take when embarking on your next home project

Take the actual step-by-step process we use in all our eDesign projects so you can plan your home yourself—with inspired confidence

planning to update your home?


You're taking the next step to getting your home looking the way you've always wanted it to look. You're thinking...better storage and more organized rooms...better layout for your furniture...maximized space so things don't feel so cramped...heartwarming interiors that make you and your fam want to stay home all day, every day.

Spirits are high and you (and your people) are excited. You know you want to do this yourself in the interest of keeping costs low. So you sit down, take out your pen and paper (or stylus and device of choice), and start planning. You...

• go on Pinterest and start pinning like crazy on your "Home Project!" board.

• create an Evernote or Google Keep checklist and write down aaaaallll the furniture pieces you think you will need.

• schedule trips to the mall(s) or IKEA or that row of furniture stores you pass by on the way home from work, to make sure you're seeing all possible choices you can buy for your space. (How does every weekend for the next three months sound??? 🥴)

• go back on Pinterest and research the hell out on color palettes, because there's an infinite number of "super nice" palettes out there that really catch your eye.

• draw furniture arrangements that you think will work, and another, and another...until it's time to show your drawings to your partner and OF COURSE they will have their own opinions on how things should be laid out (SMH #@!&^*)

• look at your shopping list and realize you haven't listed down lights yet! You can't revamp your space without changing out the boring lights!

• finally get to shopping all the things you think you need, only to realize that these things don't fit the space, not even the doorway! 😫😫😫

......I could go on and on about all the things that could happen (and I know, because I'd been there more than once, way before I became a design pro!). By now you've probably realized that this is not going according to plan at all! You must be feeling any one of the following:

Getting so stressed and developing major anxiety, because your home project seems to be all over the place!

Intimidated by all the options…not to mention all the decisions you need to make! And what if you make the wrong decision???

Just absolutely tired of being a headless chicken about the whole project and just want to, IDK, disappear for a while???

there's a better way to tackling your home project.

Rather than give up on your dream home or living space, know that there is a more systematic and organized way of planning your space, one that does require a bit of elbow grease, but at least you won’t feel like you’re running all over the place! 

Imagine if you could…

• Be more strategic when it comes to pinning down (like literally, on Pinterest) the look you want
• Feel confident about DIY-ing it yourself, because you have enough knowledge (and support)
• Have all the info you need to enable you to make better and informed decisions about your project
• Know which options to forego and which ones to immediately zero in on
• Feel encouraged that you’re on the right track, thanks to a proven process conveniently laid out for you

The Gal at Home Space-Planning Blueprint

Welcome to your blueprint to planning your space with confidence and efficiency. This is a step-by-step program that’ll take you from inspired start to exhilarated finish. We’ve taken the same process and SOPs we use in our eDesign services, and laid them down for you so you can conveniently do the right tasks, in the right order, and execute your home project without confusion and overwhelm.

desktop computer showing gal at home space planning blueprint

Here's what you'll get

plus over $2500 worth of bonuses!

Access to the homestyling vault

All downloadable resources we've ever created for our digital shop are in this vault, which we offer as a separate product. These include home planning guides, budget worksheets, interior styling guides, and more.

direct access to your instructor

I'll do a Live Q&A session for one hour every week, between 10:00 to 11:00 am (Philippine time) to answer any questions you might have. This is your chance to ask me about anything related to the program—It's like having your personal designer on call!

sp blueprint community

Access our Space-Planning Blueprint community inside our course portal, where you can post updates on your own project, and get feedback from like-minded individuals who are also going through the program.

never guess your way through a home project again

Take advantage of our beta-run pricing (over 60% off!) by clicking on your preferred currency checkout below. 


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Here's what former Gal at Home students and clients
have said about our online courses and eDesign services:

“The course was non-intimidating and easy to follow, perfect for complete interior design noobs. It also has downloadable worksheets, making your plan organized and actionable. By teaching you the basic interior design tricks, you can be intentional with your spaces at home and style like a pro in no time, without necessarily buying new things.”

woman course testimonial

“This course was very helpful for someone like me, who wants a put-together home but doesn’t know where to begin. I appreciate that you can fulfill the course at your own pace and that you can always refer back to when you need that jolt of encouragement.”

“It was our first time to hire a designer, so we were a little nervous in the beginning. But you made the entire process so easy and comfortable. We’re really impressed by the professionalism you’ve consistently demonstrated. You were so organized and efficient that it puts to shame some corporate projects I can remember!”

a little something about your instructor

Hi, I’m Camyl, and I’ll be your program instructor for the Gal at Home Space-Planning Blueprint. I’ve been in the design business for almost a decade, but have been in love with interior design for as long as I can remember. I started out most probably like you did: ready and raring to style and decorate my own bedroom, and later on, my first home with my husband. 

But it took a LOT of trial and error, a LOT of ₱₱₱ (and $$$!) wasted, and living with furniture pieces and design decisions that were just WRONG for the space for YEARS, before I thought of doing something about it: I enrolled in design school. 🎉 

After receiving proper education and putting up my own design studio, I set my sights on developing and refining what I call the Gal at Home eDesign experience—it’s a proven process that me and my entire team of designers use so we could easily work on our client projects without feeling like we’re running all over the place. 

camyl besinga gal at home
camyl besinga

This is the exact same process—of course made for non-design professionals—that you will be using inside the Gal at Home Space-Planning Blueprint. It’s what I wish I had when I first embarked on my own home projects way back when. 

Inside the Blueprint, I will be teaching you how to plan, strategize, and come up with possible design solutions for your space, so that you can find yourself on sure footing while executing your home project. You can use these steps whether you’re just working on a simple home refresh, or want to tackle a full-on remodel. While I do encourage you to engage the right professionals for more technical stuff (like building a house from the ground up or doing a major renovation of your home—never hack those alone!), the Blueprint is a good jump-off point so that when you do finally employ the pros, you already know what you want and what to tell them. 

It’s my hope that with the Blueprint, you will no longer feel helpless and overwhelmed, and that you can more efficiently manage your own home projects with the proper structure, know-how, and support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

While you will get access to the Blueprint in my online course platform called Thinkific, I’d like to think that it is more than just a course. Yes, you will learn a lot of new things. But it approaches tackling home projects from a more structured and holistic view. And while for courses, you tend to study then forget everything after you’re done with it; with the Blueprint, you may find yourself referring to it from time to time as kind of like a checklist of sorts, so you see that you are being very systematic and strategic every time you enter the very messy world of revamping or remodeling your home. 

With our eDesign services, we create furniture and light plans and 3D renderings (depending on the service you avail) for you, and you execute these plans—YOU purchase the pieces we recommend, lay out your room using our suggested plans, and/or coordinate with your own chosen trades and contractors. You’re basically using our design expertise so that you can furnish and style your space with ease.

With the Space-Planning Blueprint, we wrote down our entire eDesign process so you could execute designs and plans on your ownYOU create the furniture plans, YOU select the furniture, YOU conceptualize on possible ways to design and style your own spaces—but of course, with guidance from me and a community of like-minded individuals also working on their own homes.  

Right now, the program is on its pre-sale price of only ₱2,520 (or US$45). Once it goes live on September 18, 2023, at 12 midnight (Eastern Standard Time), the price will automatically go up to its beta-run price of ₱5,400 (or US$97). The beta run will finish on December 18, 2023, after which the Space-Planning Blueprint will have a one-time access fee of ₱8,000 (or US$150). As this is a program version of our actual eDesign service (which costs a minimum of $500), it’s basically a budget version of hiring your own online interior designer. Rather than have us implement everything for you, we teach you how we implement everything.

No, we don’t have a payment plan yet for the Blueprint. 

Both Philippine peso and US dollar transactions use safe, payment processing portals, powered by Stripe. For peso transactions, we use Hitpay. For dollar transactions, we use PayPal inside the Thinkific portal. Click on each link below to review the security overviews of each portal. 



If paying in Philippine peso, my payment processing portal accepts the following payment methods: 

  • Mastercard / VISA / debit or credit card
  • GCash
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If paying in US dollar, we accept payments in:

  • Mastercard / VISA 
  • PayPal

The set day on which the weekly Q&A hours with me will be scheduled on the first week of the program launch in September. This will be adjusted from time to time, depending on the availability of a majority in the group.

Of course! You are free to view the entire curriculum on this link.

My Q&A hours are from 10 to 11am, once every week. The specific day will be determined on the week the program launches. I’m on Philippine time, which is 13 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (12 hours if on Daylight Savings Time). Go to time.is/Philippines for a list of different time zones in comparison to Philippine standard time.

As we already know, peso to dollar conversion changes every minute of every day. As I earn in peso, the higher dollar price compensates for the fluctuating conversion, as well as the additional conversion fees charged to me by Stripe and PayPal. 

Due to the digital nature of our offer, we do not offer a money-back guarantee for the Blueprint.

The Q&A hours are meant for me to provide support to you. We may discuss designs or plans you have created, need help choosing between furniture pieces, want to have your mood boards checked, etc. Kind of like a student-mentor thing, where I check your work. 

If you prefer that I create plans and designs for you, then I highly suggest you check out our online design consult or eDesign services

Email us at inquiry [at] galathome [dot] com and we will respond to your queries within 24 to 48 hours.

go from confused to confident with
the gal at home space-planning blueprint

Let me help you get rid of the confusion and overwhelm with this detailed, do-it-yourself blueprint to planning and redesigning your own space.