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In the meantime…

Do you find yourself thinking any of these thoughts:

You feel like your room or space lacks the right vibe or personality

Your furniture layout is just meh

You have decor, the right furniture…but somehow, everything just doesn’t feel as cohesive as you thought it would be.

Check out my newly revamped REFRESH design package.

Get a Gal at Home Refresh

This gives you a two-hour onsite design consultation, a home style quiz and assessment, rearranging of your existing room and furniture layout to something better suited for the space and function; and decorating and styling with your own belongings and decor.

After your room refresh, you will:

• Enjoy a room that pulses with your personality.

• Experience a room layout that works with your lifestyle and preferences.

• Elevate your room’s look and feel with beautifully displayed items and decor—using your existing belongings and accessories.

All these for only P1,000/hour (for a minimum of six (6) hours). This is on a room-by-room basis only.

I write about one of my REFRESH projects in this blog post! Click the link to get an idea of how your room could look like after a Gal at Home Refresh.

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