How I educate myself on all things interior design

All things happen for a reason, goes the cliche. But like many cliches, there is truth to it (which is what makes it a cliche in the first place—it's somewhat a universally accepted fact), especially when we are talking about my own journey into interior design. It was my job as a magazine editor that eventually awakened my… Continue reading How I educate myself on all things interior design

gal at home my favorite design books part 2

My Favorite Design Books {Part 2}

Remember this nerdy post of mine from over a month ago? Nope, I haven't forgotten about it, as I did promise to give you seven more of my recommended titles. I guess I still haven't found a way to effectively and efficiently balance blogging and freelance work. (I am proud of myself today though, because I… Continue reading My Favorite Design Books {Part 2}

best favorite design books collection

My favorite design books {part 1}

As a lit major in college, I always relished in receiving book lists from my professors. Book lists only meant one thing: (book) SHOPPING! Whether it was hunting for inexpensive hardbound copies in book sales or the latest, nicest editions in the big bookstores, book shopping gave me such a thrill. And as soon as… Continue reading My favorite design books {part 1}

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Have window ledge, will reading nook

I live in a four-storey townhouse, and being an impulsive decorator, I often find myself wanting to fix up every square-inch of empty space I see. Blame it on my obsessive pinning on Pinterest, and constantly scanning my design and decor books and magazines for ideas to apply at home. Now there is this spot on our third… Continue reading Have window ledge, will reading nook