Create a home you’ll enjoy living in with this comprehensive homestyling course

Check out this scenario:

You look around your home after a long day of work, and feel frustrated with what you see.

  • A cluttered entryway.
  • Shoes all over the place.
  • Bags filled with last month’s junk.
  • Toys in every imaginable surface.
  • Weirdly placed furniture.
  • Empty, unused corners and awkward nooks.
  • Disorganized shelves.

It’s frustrating. You just can’t seem to make things look as presentable as you want them to look. And no matter how you look at it, well, you just don’t know how to fix it. Where to start. What to put where. How to make it look pleasing enough that you don’t get an anxiety attack every time you enter a room.

You may not have noticed it, but a home that didn’t make you happy added to your stress and anxieties.

I always say, a happy home maketh a happy you.

So imagine that moment when you:

  • No longer itch to change things up because your home finally feels right.
  • Know how to diagnose exactly what’s wrong or missing from your space.
  • Are able to style your home in a way that feels right to you and your loved ones.
  • Figure out how to style and fix up the surfaces that need styling: consoles, shelves, tables, bedsides, desks, bar counters, bathrooms, beds.
  • Reduce the stress that comes with a cluttered home, and increase the general sense of joy it brings to its occupants.

My goal for you is to achieve any one of these transformations, so that you finally feel at ease with and at peace in your own home.

I want you to get there, because I’ve been there myself.

I know what it means to feel bothered by a less-than-stellar home. I know the feeling of having an awkwardly arranged room…and not knowing how to fix it. I know full well what it’s like to be envious of and overwhelmed by all those #homeinspo pics on Pinterest and Instagram.

How do they get their homes looking that way? Where did they learn those styling tricks? When did they even find the time?

So I went back to school, bought all the books and courses that could help me solve my dilemma, and even quit my job to start a new career in interior design, styling, and decoration.

I’ve done all the work…and now I’d love to pass on what I’ve learned to YOU in this homestyling course called…

 Refresh Your Home on a Tiny (or Zero!) Budget

Is this course for me?

This course is for you if…

  • You’re a busy, working mom (or dad, or human being) who wants to create happy, loving spaces for you and your loved ones.
  • You no longer want to feel confused about what your rooms and spaces need.
  • You have no time to take on a full-on decorating blitz of your home, but you do want to learn the styling and decorating ropes…
  • So when you have a few minutes or hours to spare, you can work on your home, bit by bit, without feeling the overwhelm.

Sounds like you?

Here’s what students have said about my course:

“This was very helpful for someone like me, who wants a more put-together home but doesn’t know where to begin. I appreciate that you can fulfill the course at your own pace and that you can always refer back when you need that jolt of encouragement.”

Ana, school administrator

“I’m very exposed to computer-based trainings and distance learning, and I have to say your lessons and presentation are really at par with the usual trainings I’ve taken. I enjoyed the course and am hoping for more classes, workshops, and homestyling notes from you!”

Tonet, early-bird course student

“The course was non-intimidating and easy to follow, perfect for complete interior design noobs. It also has downloadable worksheets, making your plan organized and actionable. By teaching you the basic interior design tricks, you can be intentional with your spaces at home and style like a pro in no time, without necessarily buying new things.”

Kris, makeup artist and design student
living room with teal rug and white brick wall

Why should you learn from me?

Before becoming an interior stylist and design consultant, I spent years in corporate communications, events coordination, content marketing, and print publishing, honing my skills in literary and visual editing, strategizing, and project management.

As an editor for various major lifestyle magazines and broadsheets, I styled sets, photo shoots, and even homes. This led me to cultivate my love for design, prompting me to take up a few courses at the Philippine School of Interior Design, and the Interior Design Institute. I have since finished with a Certificate in Interior Design from the New York Institute of Art and Design, and have put up my own outfit, Gal at Home Design Studio, as its Design Principal.

But at the heart of it all, I am a creative stylist with a love for all things home and interiors…

…a passion that I have extended to all my residential design clients since 2015.

I am also an editor—with my extensive experience in communications, publishing, and design, I have honed my eye to edit not just words, but also visuals, and now use a specific approach to “edit” interior spaces and surfaces.

And lastly, I am a strategist. I love coming up with battle plans that help me solve problems in a step-by-step way. This course was my way of creating a methodical approach that anyone—with or without a design degree—can implement in her own home.

What will you find inside the course?

Here’s a sneak peek into the lessons you’ll find inside:

  1. How to look at your space and determine what’s wrong or missing
  2. The right questions to ask when you’re “auditing” your space
  3. How (not where) to find inspiration, without going down the Pinterest rabbit hole
  4. A strategic way of decluttering and organizing—minus the overwhelm
  5. BONUS! An introduction to Konmari method of tidying up with the Philippines’ firsts licensed Konmari consultant, Christine Dychiao
  6. How to shop for items you can use to style and decorate—without buying anything new
  7. Interior design basics you should know
  8. Homestyling principles you’ll apply over and over again
  9. How to think in and create vignettes in various spaces around your home

Ready to work on creating a home you’ll love and enjoy living in?

If you sign up today, you’ll get access to the course for

a one-time-payment of only P2,500 (around US$52 as of February 2021).

That’s just about the same as a family takeout meal from your favorite caterer or restaurant—but with longer-term benefits to you and everyone else you live with!

Now wait just a minute, Camyl. I still have some qualms about this….

I don’t know if I can justify the cost of this course, given that there are many other essential items I need to spend on.

As the financial manager in our household myself, I know what it’s like to tighten our purse strings and scrutinize every possible expense item. But I also know what it feels like to bear the burden of having an un-styled, clutter-filled home. Of not feeling comforted by what you see in each room. 

A home is more than just a place to sleep in after a long work day. It’s more than just a house where you park yourself and your kids. We all deserve that safe space that helps you clear your mind and rests your heart. 

Our loved ones deserve that place where they feel comforted and comfortable. That’s what it means to “feel at home”. And this is not a guide that will just tell you to buy new stuff (although we will cover shopping) to make your home look Instagrammable. 

This is a course that will teach you how to create a home YOU and your loved ones are happy living in—in whatever way that a “beautiful home” means for you. The cost of this course is really not much more than your monthly takeout-dining budget, but you are investing in your and your loved ones’ peace of mind, well-being, and most importantly (to me, as a mom) fond memories of home that your children will carry with you until their adult years.

But I don’t really need to buy this, right? I can just as easily find this information for free on the internet. 

It’s true: Everything can be found on the Internet these days. But I know what’s like to have pinned tens of thousands of pins and still not know what I want for my bedroom. I have saved TONS of IG posts and still didn’t gain much clarity on how to fix our living room. I have watched aaaaalll the design shows on Netflix and HGTV, and still couldn’t figure out how to pick the perfect paint colors for our home.

So I enrolled in an actual interior design course. And after receiving my certificate, I developed a process. It’s a process that I use in my own home, and in all my client projects. 

I created this course so that you don’t have to do all the work of researching and pinning and saving IG or FB posts. All you’ll need is this course. 

Plus my methods have worked for many of my clients. This is a fool-proof process I have honed through the years, and as you will see in my client testimonials, many of them are happy with my work. 

I don’t have time to go through this course—much less implement what I could learn!

To be honest, homestyling is a lifelong process. What works for you today may change a few months or years down the line. It could be because of certain life changes. Someone moves out. You move to a different space. You end up needing to homeschool. Someone needs medical attention, and may require certain changes to your furniture layout. You switch jobs. You need to work from home.

I can think up an infinite number of scenarios that could impact how you live at home—and these changes will all affect the way you style your space.

This is why I created this course in the format it’s in. It’s in a format that you can easily access from any device—just remember to bookmark the link to your browser. While it’s always better to go through each module from 1 to end, you can jump back in when you need to stop. You can look up a certain item that you need help with at any particular moment.  

My kids/husband won’t understand and will just wreak havoc on my newly styled spaces.

You have to start somewhere. And be consistent; husbands are helpless (KIDDING! But I totally relate LOL), but kids can be more “malleable”; once they keep seeing how a space is styled or decorated, they will mimic/copy/do the same thing—over and over again.

And who knows? There is hope for your partner yet. I’ve never been one to give up on mine! 

I don’t know if I can retain all this information. It’s making my head explode. 

You don’t have to. There is no certification exam at the end of this course. Just bookmark the link to your browser and access it whenever, wherever. You can even use the worksheets for different homes or spaces. If you move, renovate, undergo any major change, then this course is waiting for you to be reused, over and over and over again.

Convinced this course is right for you?

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