RYH online course


This is my online homestyling course called “Refresh Your Home on a Tiny (or Zero!) Budget, or RYH for short. This is an on-demand homestyling course where I teach you everything I know about interior decoration: all the styling secrets I use whenever I work on my and my clients’ homes.


Style your home in a meaningful and beautiful way

Learn how to fix up your space and practice universal styling techniques all design pros use in this on-demand, online homestyling course.

Here’s what you’ll learn from the course:
  • How to look at your space and determine what’s wrong or missing—and how to rectify it
  • The right questions to ask when you’re “auditing” your space
  • How (not where) to find inspiration, without going down the Pinterest or Instagram rabbit hole
  • A strategic way of decluttering and organizing—minus the overwhelm
  • How to shop for items you can use to style and decorate—without buying anything new
  • Homestyling principles you’ll apply over and over again
  • How to think in and create vignettes in various spaces around your home
  • Practical applications of what you’ve learned in different areas of your home


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