How to create
flower arrangements for your home

Picture this: You enter a room and you immediately see a beautiful arrangement of your favorite flowers on a table.

For some reason, it makes you feel lighter. Cheerful. Happier.

It’s no wonder, because studies have said that flowers have a direct impact on one’s happiness. They lift your mood, trigger feelings of satisfaction, and affect your behavior in a positive way.

But if you’ve ever bought flowers—from the supermarket, the neighborhood flower shop, or even a well-known flower market—or perhaps were gifted with a bouquet by a loved one, you may already know that transferring and arranging these blooms in a vase or vessel is not as easy as it looks.

Sometimes, your chosen vase ends up too wide for your bouquet, and the blooms fall to the side too much, creating a hole in the middle of your arrangement.

You know which flowers you like, but you don’t know if they all go well together, or what to partner them with.

You cut the stems so they could fit into the container, but you guess the wrong length each time and end up with too-short stems.

You spend too much time arranging and rearranging, but not really ending up with the pleasing bouquet you had in your head.

And, if you do finally end up with a vase of flowers you are sort-of-okay with, they usually don’t last you more than a day or two—making the exercise of buying flowers for your home quite an unnecessary expense.

There is a formula for creating beautiful flower arrangements.

What if you could:

  • Arrange flowers and greens in a vase in a pleasantly beautiful way?
  • Know exactly which kinds of flowers and plants will go well together in a table arrangement?
  • Figure out the correct way to cut the stems so you end up with exactly the right height for your container?
  • Care for your blooms in a way that makes them last much longer than they normally do?

Learn all these things when you sign up for this webinar:

The How to Create Flower Arrangements for Your Home Webinar

In this webinar, you will:

  • Find out which areas of your home are in need of blooms
  • Learn all about the parts of a flower arrangement
  • Discover what kind of greenery you can use as a base for your arrangements
  • Determine which is better: real or faux flowers?
  • Know how to care for your flowers so they last longer
  • Get an idea of the different elements of a good flower arrangement
  • Watch me demonstrate how to create a good flower arrangement from scratch

After the webinar, you will be able to create those flower arrangements that you’ve always wanted to have in your home.

You’ll feel confident about choosing which blooms and greens to put together, and know exactly how to arrange them in your container.

You’ll finally be able to dress up your spaces with flower arrangements that make your rooms—and you—much brighter, and much happier.

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Meet your webinar host.

Hi, I’m Camyl Besinga, design principal of Gal at Home Design Studio.

I launched my design studio in 2015, and for almost five years, I have been helping my clients create homes that they and their loved ones enjoy living in. When staging their homes for them, I almost always create flower arrangements to finish off certain surfaces and corners.

Prior to my interior design career, I spent almost a decade in the publishing industry. All those years of styling sets and photo shoots have honed my skill in creating arrangements that are visually pleasing to the eye.

In my own home, I love creating flower arrangements whenever I feel like dressing up a table, or livening up a certain corner. Nothing cheers up a space quite like a beautiful arrangement bursting with color, attracting the eye with its shape and texture.

I have used both real and faux blooms in my home, and the effect is almost always the same: the room suddenly feels brighter and more satisfying.

Why did I create this webinar?

I know what it feels like to want to be able to have flowers to cheer up my spaces at home.

I’ve wasted so much money buying flowers that didn’t go well together, and when I did buy exactly the kinds of blooms and greens that I wanted and looked good in a vase, my arrangements were less than stellar.

After being able to hone my eye through numerous photo shoots and styling sessions in my clients’ homes, and putting my design education to good use, I have discovered a step-by-step method for you to create beautiful flower arrangements for your home.

It’s easy to follow, easy to do, and can be done by anyone, whether or not you have an innate eye for design. As long as you know what looks good for you, then this webinar is for you.

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Here’s what others have said about my flower-arranging workshop.

“The workshop is fantastic! Camyl presents content in a very engaging manner. She came to the session prepared: The powerpoint pack was concise yet very informative, and she came with all the props we needed for our flower arrangement workshop.”

– Midge, from Melbourne, Australia

“I love that Camyl was able to explain how different types of flowers can provide different styles of arrangements. The hands on tutorial was really great too!”

– Ivy, from Heredia, Costa Rica

” Camyl presented easy-to-follow steps that I could definitely replicate at home.”

– Pam, from Makati, Philippines

Frequently asked questions

When is this webinar happening?

Our online flower-arranging webinar is happening on Saturday, March 28, at 3:00 p.m. Philippine time (GMT +8).

Where can I access the webinar link?

After signing up for the webinar, you will receive the unique link via email, which you can access on the date itself. You will also receive reminder emails on the day of the workshop, to notify you when the webinar is starting. This is a live webinar, so while you may be able to access the page prior to the scheduled time, the video will not be live until 3 p.m. of March 28th.

Will I need to prepare my own flowers and containers for this webinar?

It’s entirely up to you if you want to create your own arrangements alongside the live demonstration I will be doing towards the end of the webinar. However, this is not required.

What will I get from this webinar?

With this online workshop, you’ll get:

• a 60-minute webinar with live demonstration of flower-arrangement creation

• a PDF copy of the workshop presentation

• Your own flower care checklist

Will you be offering one of your paid products or services in this webinar?

This webinar will entirely be about creating flower arrangements for the home, nothing more. You are, however, free to visit the other pages on my website, such as my blog, my portfolio, and my design packages.

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