Refresh Your Home on a Tiny (or Zero!) Budget

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Can You Relate To This?

You look around your home after a long day at work, and feel frustrated with what you see.

A cluttered entryway.
Shoes all over the place.
Bags filled with last month’s junk.
Toys in every imaginable surface.
Weirdly placed furniture.
Empty, unused corners and awkward nooks.
Disorganized shelves.

You may not have noticed it, but a home that didn’t make you happy added to your stress and anxieties.

I know, I’ve been there...

I know what it means to feel bothered by a less-than-stellar home.

I know the feeling of having an awkwardly arranged room…and not knowing how to fix it. I know full well what it’s like to be envious of and overwhelmed by all those #homeinspo pics on Pinterest and Instagram.

So I went back to school, learned all I could about interior design and decorating, and have been a full-time interior decorator ever since. I made this course because I knew someone like you could benefit from the knowledge I can share.


Refresh Your Home on a Tiny (or Zero!) Budget

A comprehensive homestyling course to create a home you’ll enjoy living in

here's what you'll get
  • How to look at your space and determine what’s wrong or missing—and how to rectify it
  • The right questions to ask when you’re “auditing” your space
  • How (not where) to find inspiration, without going down the Pinterest or Instagram rabbit hole
  • A strategic way of decluttering and organizing—minus the overwhelm
  • BONUS! An intro to the Konmari method of tidying up with the Philippines’ first Konmari-certified consultant, Christine Dychiao
  • How to shop for items you can use to style and decorate—without buying anything new
  • Homestyling principles you’ll apply over and over again
  • How to think in and create vignettes in various spaces around your home
  • Practical applications of what you’ve learned in different areas of your home



with these bonuses!

Worksheets to be used in auditing your space, for decluttering, and organizing

A downloadable “props” list—items you can find at home that you can repurpose as styling props or décor

A visual library that will help you understand more clearly how to execute these styling techniques in your home

A printable reference material on styling principles and techniques, which you can refer to again and again when you’re styling certain areas of your home

Ready to work on creating a home you’ll love and enjoy living in?

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