The Gal at Home eDesign Experience

laptop showing page from eDesign Experience document

Learn all about our best-selling service by downloading the Gal at Home eDesign Experience below. 

Here’s what you will get from this document: 

  • What is eDesign?
  • Who is this for?
  • The different types of eDesign services
  • What you will get from our eDesign services (deliverables per service type)
  • The PDF guides included with each service
  • All about our online client portal
  • What’s NOT included in our eDesign services
  • Timeline of an eDesign project
  • About Gal at Home Design Studio
  • What our eDesign clients are saying
  • How to get on a free Zoom call with us
It was our first time hiring an eDesigner so we were a little nervous in the beginning, but you made the entire process so easy and comfortable, pandemic notwithstanding. We're really impressed by the professionalism you've consistently demonstrated—the quality of the designs, the presentations, the linked shopping list, the mail updates. You were so organized and efficient that it puts to shame some corporate projects I can remember. Sometimes, we were tempted to stray from your recommendations, but after sitting on the impulse for a few days and comparing our choice of furniture with yours, we always saw that you were right and ended up getting what you originally proposed.
living room
Leslie, Makati City
Two-time eDesign Client