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What are the inclusions of your eDesign service?

Depending on which eDesign service you avail, we will provide you a furniture layout; lighting layout; a shopping list of furniture, decor, and home accessories; as well as instructions on how to put everything together. For our Signature eDesign service, you will also get a mood board, color palette and/or paint guide, design pegs, and realistic 3D renderings of how your space would look like to help you visualize everything. We will also provide up to four (4) one-hour Zoom calls throughout the project, as well as unlimited messaging via our online client portal.

How much are your rates for this service?

Our minimum is always set at 50sq. meters (or around 538 sq. feet), so for spaces smaller than or equal to 50 sqm, our starting rate is Php50,000 (or US$880+, depending on current exchange rates) for the Signature eDesign service, and PhP28,000 (or US$500+) for the Space-Planning service. For spaces bigger than 50sqm, the rate is PhP1,000 per sqm (or US$1.65 per sq. ft) for Signature eDesign, and PhP560 per sqm (or US$0.93 per sq. ft.) for Space-planning. Please email us at inquiry [at] galathome [dot] com to receive a bespoke quotation for your space.

How will we receive your designs for our space?

We use an online client portal called Mydoma Studio, and all your design deliverables will be uploaded there. You simply click on each deliverable and it will immediately download into your device. You may also watch any video explainers we upload for you, as well as message us or book a Zoom call with us using the Mydoma platform. A tutorial on how to use the platform will be emailed to you at the start of our project.

Are these packages applicable to multiple rooms?

Normally, we limit each eDesign project to one room, as the functions in one room can be numerous. But if you have open-plan spaces or live in a small area (like a condo or apartment), as long as these rooms fit in our minimum space requirement of 50sqm (or 538+ sq. ft.), then we can do it!

What if I don't know how to measure my space?

Included in the resources we will provide you is a how-to guide on measuring your room and drawing a rough sketch of these measurements. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you may also use the Canvas app which makes use of Lidar technology to take pictures or a video of your space and automatically records your room's dimensions.

Can we just hire you to measure our space for us?

If you are based in Metro Manila, you may also choose to purchase an onsite measuring service for an additional fee, so that we will send over a team to take down measurements of your room for you.

How long will the project take?

From the time you purchase our service, you are given up to two (2) weeks to take down measurements, gather information, answer our questionnaires, etc. Our eDesign process then takes a minimum of four (4) weeks from the time you provide us with all the sketches and information we will need to develop our designs.

Will you be executing the designs for us?

No. Since this is an eDesign (online interior design service), all our deliverables will be sent to you through the online client portal. However, you will receive enough guides and instructions on how to execute our designs, to make executing it much easier for you.

Will we be able to message you or talk to you if we have any questions throughout the project?

Yes. Every eDesign package includes up to four (4) Zoom calls and unlimited messaging via our online client portal, Mydoma Studio.

Can you make designs for custom built-ins, furniture, or cabinetry?

Designs for custom furniture, built-ins, or cabinetry are an add-on, the fee of which depends on the scope of work involved. DM us or book a discovery call so that we can discuss the extent of your needs and we can create a bespoke package for you.

Will you be providing contacts to suppliers, contractors, and/or trades people to help us execute the designs ourselves?

Yes. Our shopping list includes links to product URLs (web pages) where you can purchase them directly, or at least contact the suppliers of our suggested furniture pieces and decor. Upon request, we can also provide you a contacts list of our go-to tradespeople: contractors, furniture makers, window treatment suppliers, professional cleaners, etc.

Can you manage the renovation project for me?

As of 2023, we no longer accept remodel and renovation project management.

What are your payment terms?

Upon acceptance of our terms of agreement, we will send you an invoice to fulfill 50% of our eDesign fee. Then prior to delivery of our designs, we will send another invoice for the remaining 50% balance. We accept online payments from customers across the globe. You can pay via all internationally accepted credit cards, bank transfers, cash, and/or local check payments.

Will I get a cheaper looking design than a full-scale remodel?

Not cheaper, because we pour out the same effort into our eDesign projects as what we used to do for our full-scale interior design services. But eDesign does not include the usual features, like project management, purchasing, coordination of deliveries, and final staging/styling of your space (which is why it is not as pricey. Remember, interior design is still a luxury service). If you need furniture and built-ins customized, then these may be given as add-ons to your package.

What if I don't know if I need to renovate or to just furnish my space?

Easy! Get on a free, 15-minute discovery call with us so we can discuss your potential project, and be able to recommend which of our services fit your needs. Just type in on your browser to book your preferred schedule for the call.

What if I'm tech-challenged and don't know how to navigate your online portal?

Your eDesign packet includes a lot of useful guides that you may find yourself referring to repeatedly from time to time. This includes a detailed guide on how to use our online client portal, how to take proper BEFORE and AFTER photos of your space, how to measure your space and make rough sketches of these measurements, and so on. If all else fails, your eDesign project also includes up to four (4) Zoom calls, and unlimited messaging within our client platform.

Where can we get in touch with you?

Click on the CONTACT tab on the page menu to get in touch with our studio.