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DIY without the guesswork

Take your room-refresh cues from an actionable design plan, and execute it yourself. If you can't afford a full-scale interior design project, or are working with time constraints, you can have a professionally designed space you truly love and enjoy living in.

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Let me help you put all these elements together!

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Get clear and actionable plans for arranging your furniture or styling for one (1) room or unit with a minimum area of 50 square meters.


Signature eDesign

Get design pegs, a mood board, color palette, furniture and light plans, a shopping list of furniture, accessories, and decor, perspective drawings, and an animated walkthrough so you can visualize how your space is going to look.

What’s included +
  • Design pegs
  • Mood board
  • Color palette
  • Floor plan with furniture layout
  • Lighting plan for both fixed and freestanding lights
  • Paint guide (if needed)
  • Realistic rendering of how your space would look (your visual guide to styling your space)
  • Animated walkthrough of your space using SketchUp model
  • Shopping list (with links to vendors) of furniture pieces, accessories, and home decor
  • Instructions on how to put everything together
  • Up to four (4) video consultations
  • Unlimited messaging via online client portal
  • Guides for room measuring and photo-taking
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Space Planning

Refresh your space with furniture and light plans of existing or new pieces, a shopping list of furniture, fixtures, accessories, and decor, and instructions on how to put everything together.

What’s included +
  • Furniture layout of existing and for-purchase pieces
  • Lighting plan for free-standing lights
  • Shopping list (with links to vendors) of furniture pieces, accessories, and home decor, if needed
  • Instructions on how to put everything together
  • Up to four (4) video consultations
  • Unlimited messaging via online client portal
  • Guides for room measuring and photo-taking
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The Process


Define your issues with your space (through comprehensive questionnaires and a video call) and dream up solutions for them.


Consider plans and assessments we make based on the information you provide.


Visualize the designs we create using space plans, 3D renderings, and a shopping list.


Execute our designs following a detailed “Putting It All Together” checklist you can follow and implement on your own.

Since 2018, I’ve been investing heavily in digitizing my systems and processes. I’ve seen how more and more of my clients use digital tools to find design inspiration: Pinterest, Instagram, even Facebook and other interior design apps like Houzz or Planner 5D.

I get inquiries about how potential clients need help with their homes, but they often balk at how much interior design really costs.

I’ve prepared my business systems and processes to make full use of these online tools at our disposal, so that I can offer my services to more and more people, at a fraction of the usual cost of an interior design package.

Partner that with my absolute love for seeing other people’s homes and figuring out how these spaces can work for them; getting clear on the unique ways in which we live in our own rooms; and how to leverage that to create a home that we really, really enjoy living in.

Experience these design transformations yourself

eDesign Service is for you if you:

  • have no idea how to furnish your home and ensure the end result looks intentionally stylish and cohesive
  • prefer having a professionally designed home plan you can follow and execute yourself or your preferred suppliers
  • are based abroad, but would like designs created for your space
  • would like to furnish and style your rental/Airbnb units to make them stand out more for potential guests
  • need to figure out how to arrange furniture and spruce up your condo/apartment/house
Pick your preferred eDesign service


Are these packages applicable to multiple rooms?

Our eDesign services are applicable to entire floor areas for a minimum of 50 square meters. For this minimum, we allow, for example, a combined living-dining-kitchen space, plus a separate bedroom. We accept projects smaller than 50sqm (i.e., studios or bedrooms only), but require the starting rate for a 50sqm space.

If you are in need of eDesign services for a multiple-room unit (for example, 1-3-bedroom condos), or bigger than 75sqm, please contact us so that we can create for you a bespoke eDesign package.

Will I get a cheaper-looking design than a full-scale remodel?

We’ll be honest: This won’t get you a full-scale interior design package where we customize furniture pieces to fit your needs, your space, and your preferences. You won’t also get a renovation plan that will visually and structurally transform your room into the design wonderlands you’ve been pinning on Pinterest.

There’s a reason why this is a “lite” version of our Remodel package. It’s really for those who want professional design assistance but who can take on execution on their own (or through their own preferred contractors/tradespeople).

If you feel like you might need to do a complete overhaul of your space and require full-scale design service, we highly recommend our premium Remodel service. See galathome.com/remodel/.

I don’t know how to take down room and furniture measurements.

At the start of our project, we will provide you with a handy room-measuring and photo-taking guide that you can easily follow. All you need is a tape measure (use the retractable steel one, instead of the soft plastic one), a piece of paper, a pencil, and eraser. You may also use one of the video consults included in the package so we can virtually assist you while you’re measuring your space.

What if I’m not able to execute the designs on my own?

This is why we included up to four (4) online consults and unlimited messaging via the Mydoma messaging center inside my online client portal, until up to two (2) weeks of project completion. At our initial video consult, we will be asking you all the right and necessary questions that will help us correctly gauge what kind of design to recommend to you, and which you can easily execute on your own.

You may also choose to engage your own contractor in executing our designs, or refer to our list of recommended suppliers.

I don’t know if I need to renovate, or just to furnish and decorate my space.

If you’re unsure whether you need to renovate or not, you may first book an online design consult so that we may see your space (virtually) and make the proper recommendations. Go to galathome.com/online-design-consult for details.

I’m a bit tech-challenged. What if I don’t know how to navigate your online client portal?

At the start of the project, we will be providing you with a video tutorial on how to navigate the client portal, whether from a desktop, your mobile phone, or tablet. We can also set aside a portion of our initial video consult to help you get acquainted with Mydoma Studio.

Purchasing something online might not be safe. Is there another way to pay?

I use Paymongo, one of the leading payment processing systems in the Philippines. With data encryption, real-time transaction monitoring, and buyer protection policies, Paymongo is a safe way to pay for any of my eDesign services. You may pay via debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard), GCash, GrabPay, or PayMaya.

If you wish to pay through online bank transfer, we use BPI mobile. Please contact us at inquiry@galathome.com to request for our BPI QR code.

Do you have a brochure with all this info that I can review?

You bet. All you need to do is type your details into the link below and you'll get the download asap.