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How to style your shelves

If you've ever scrolled through tons of photos on Pinterest looking for ways on how to style your shelves, I'm pretty sure you didn't come out of that search disappointed. Pinterest has LOADS of pretty shelfies. But if you'd pinned like crazy and still don't know how to style your shelves, then this post is for you. I've… Continue reading How to style your shelves

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Before and After: From Characterless to Chinoiserie Chic

What do you do with an old but recently gutted and renovated condo unit? You're single, finally moving out of your parents' home, are excited to decorate your home in your own preferred style—yet need to incorporate hand-me-down stuff from your parents. As in, vintage, Oriental stuff. Large prints and artwork. Vases. Apothecary cabinets. Large… Continue reading Before and After: From Characterless to Chinoiserie Chic

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An Empty Shell Transforms Into a Chic, Contemporary Townhouse

How does one transform an empty shell of a house into one's own chic and presentable dream home? I set out on such a project a couple years back for a young couple with (then) three kids. They had just bought their very first townhouse. Prior to buying the unit, they'd been living in a… Continue reading An Empty Shell Transforms Into a Chic, Contemporary Townhouse


This Lemon Lime Dracaena could be yours!

I'm doing a giveaway on Instagram! This super pretty, easy-to-care-for Dracaena Deremensis plant--or 'Lemon Lime'--from @onceuponaplantph can be yours! You all know I'm a frustrated indoor plant parent, and I really need handheld guidance when it comes to caring for one. So I've held out for as long as possible, thinking I would only end up killing them pretty… Continue reading This Lemon Lime Dracaena could be yours!

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14 Amazing Furniture Makeovers You’ve Got to See

This article was first published in Cromly. I've been talking to several people about refurbishing really old (and dilapidated) pieces of furniture lately, and even have some DIY projects waiting on the wings for me, so I decided to dig up this piece I wrote some time back (and even added several new items on the… Continue reading 14 Amazing Furniture Makeovers You’ve Got to See

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What’s your home style?

This is a crucial question that most decorators and interior designers have to ask their clients. Problem is, not everyone knows how to define his or her home style. That's why I love answering online style quizzes. Okay, okay, it's a little simplistic—particularly those Buzzfeed ones—but even just looking at your own Pinterest boards will give you a… Continue reading What’s your home style?

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Cutout cabinet handles

For a studio unit I worked on in Cebu, I designed this white media cabinet (and the upper kitchen cabinets in the background) to have cutout cabinet handles.  Cutouts or notches used as handles or drawer pulls are common in either Scandinavian or midcentury modern design. Because of the simplicity in aesthetic, functionality, and production,… Continue reading Cutout cabinet handles