What do you do when your client has a unique idea for his condo unit design?

At Gal at Home Design Studio, we never shy away from a challenge. Admittedly, I’m not a K-pop fan and wouldn’t be able to survive in a minimalist-designed interior, but this was a project that I honestly enjoyed doing. 

kpop minimalist condo unit design ideas

We began design work on this project just before the pandemic started, so we had to wait a bit before we could start renovations.

Our client, a bachelor with a passion for K-pop and Korean culture, approached us with a unique vision for his space. He wanted a design that seamlessly integrated his extensive collection of K-pop merch while maintaining a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

A unique vision for a 3br condo unit design

Our client sought a space that not only showcased his impressive collection of albums and posters but also reflected his admiration for Korean brands and smart appliances. With regular visits from his sister and mom, he needed a design that could accommodate movie nights while also providing him with a comfortable and stylish living environment.

before photo of condo kitchen and living room

Pardon that very rough cover-up of my client 😅 But I wanted to show the empty condo unit, with its basic (insufficient) cabinetry and bare finishes. This is a view of the open-plan kitchen, dining, and living areas of the unit. 

blank condo unit with awkward corners and nooks

Bedrooms were tiny (less than 5sqm) and had very basic and boring finishes.

Our client wanted us to update EVERYTHING: wall and floor finishes, tiles, bathroom furniture and fixtures, lighting, and even the door locksets. 

Challenges for this condo's design and renovation

Undertaking this project during the pandemic presented numerous challenges.

From limited manpower to unexpected lockdowns, the renovation timeline stretched from an initial estimate of 4 months to nearly 8 months. One of the major hurdles was upgrading the condo unit’s electrical load to accommodate the influx of smart appliances and lighting fixtures.

condo unit showing tiles removed and worker getting porcelain tiles ready

Our client availed of our Remodel+ service, which includes full-scale interior design concepts, plans, and drawings. Additionally, our Project Management ensured seamless coordination with all trades and contractors throughout the renovation process.

With our White Glove Service, we sourced and purchased all items needed for the project, from furniture to light fixtures, appliances to tiles, ensuring a stress-free experience for our client.

Condo unit design ideas with a K-pop twist

Our design concept focused on sleek and modern elements, with glossy finishes and neutral tones dominating the color palette. We incorporated custom cabinetry to not only store but also display the client’s KPop collection, ensuring that every album and poster had its place in the spotlight.

In the kitchen, we opted for a combination of black upper cabinets and white lower cabinets to create visual interest while maximizing storage space. Smart appliances, including a combination washer-dryer unit and a French-door refrigerator, seamlessly integrated into the design, enhancing both functionality and style.

condo kitchen and living room turned entertainment room 3

Our perspective drawings showed a cool-and-warm color palette for minimalist interior features, so that the K-pop merchandise and memorabilia would intentionally stand out. 

condo kitchen and living room turned entertainment room 2

From an insufficient L-shaped kitchen, we designed a U-shaped, smart kitchen with integrated appliances and a dining counter for six.

condo kitchen with view of entryway adorned with kpop posters

We initially suggested shoe cabinets lining the entryway wall, but client asked more of the custom display cabinets for his special-edition K-pop albums.

condo kitchen and living room turned entertainment room

A view of the combined kitchen, dining, and entertainment areas

minimalist condo bathroom with black and white color scheme with view of hallway with display cabinets and posters

The common bathroom as seen from the hallway, also adorned with K-pop posters and merch.

minimalist condo bathroom with black and white color scheme

All condo bathrooms will feature a premiere electric water-closet with seat warmer, automatic lid, and bidet.

view of bedroom and home office from hallway 2

All walls were covered in K-pop merch and specially made display cabinets. 

condo walk-in closet 3

Looking into the smallest bedroom in this condo, which we turned into a walk-in closet.

condo walk-in closet 2

Client requested a closet that integrates a Samsung Airdresser, which meant he could dry-clean and steam his special clothes. 

minimalist home office 3

The other small bedroom was converted into a home office. 

minimalist home office

As it would also feature K-pop memorabilia, we intentionally kept the palette black and white. 

condo main bedroom with custom furniture and kpop poster above bed

We went for a warmer palette in the main bedroom, to give it a more plush and cozier feel. 

bedroom condo with large smart LED TV and view of bathroom

Client still requested a large smart LED TV, so we designed a custom cabinet that would house it. 

condo minimalist bathroom design

The main toilet & bath this time featured off-white cabinets and black tiles. 

condo bathroom with mini bathtub and glass sliding doors2

Client requested a bathtub, so we had to find a small bathtub that would fit this very tight space. 

The Condo Unit Transformation

From the moment you step into the condo, the transformation is evident. The entryway welcomes you with a clean and streamlined design, accented by recessed lighting and strategically placed posters. The living area boasts a custom media cabinet and a lift-top table, offering versatility for dining and entertainment.

The kitchen, once cramped and outdated, now exudes sophistication with its two-toned cabinets and integrated appliances. The hallway serves as a gallery space, illuminated by cove lighting that accentuates the client’s prized posters.

In the bedrooms, custom-built furniture maximizes space while maintaining a cozy atmosphere. The walk-in closet features sliding glass doors and ample storage for the client’s wardrobe, while the home office provides a dedicated workspace adorned with KPop memorabilia.

Open-plan kitchen, dining and entertainment areas

View of condo kitchen entertainment area and entryway with display cabinets and acrylic poster holders

From a tiny open-plan space that didn’t seem like it would fit everything our client requested, we were able to turn it into a combined kitchen laundry, and dining area, entertainment room, and a gallery of his most prized possessions: his special-edition K-pop posters, albums, and other memorabilia.

View of condo kitchen entertainment area and entryway with display cabinets and acrylic poster holders 2

Note the acrylic poster frames that lined almost all his walls. To be frank, I wasn’t sure how things would look with all the posters and merchandise displayed in the unit. Which is why we decidedly went for a very minimalist palette for his interiors, so that all the memorabilia would stand out and “sing.”

View of condo kitchen and entertainment area

The kitchen-dining-and-laundry area featured top-of-the-line appliances, which included a French-door-type refrigerator from Samsung with a touchscreen TV panel, a Fisher & Paykel dishwasher, an integrated/countertop LG range and a separate wall-mounted oven, microwave oven, and a combination washer-dryer from Samsung. Additionally, that dining counter was made for six persons. 

View of condo kitchen and entertainment area 2

Client wanted an 85″ smart LED TV, so we made sure it was secure in its built-in cabinet. This meant we also had to reinforce the wall behind it, which was made of gypsum board. 

Condo dining counter with washer dryer unit

One of the reasons our client preferred smart appliances was so that he would have to do fewer chores at home. His choice of kitchen sink is actually just a bar sink, as he wanted all dishwashing to be done by the dishwasher. 

Common toilet & bath

Custom cabinets and electric water closet in condo bathroom

To accommodate electric water closets with automatic lid, seat warmer, and integrated bidet, we had to work closely with licensed engineers so that we could add an electrical source for the fixture. We also had to make sure the electrical wirings were installed properly and to code. 

Custom cabinets and electric water closet in condo bathroom 2

Notice that all cabinetry didn’t have hardware. We asked our cabinet maker, Lux Cabinets, to fabricate cabinet doors that featured finger-pull or chamfered edges. 

Glass shower door white wall tiles and black floor tiles in condo bathroom

Walk-in closet

condo bedroom turned walk-in closet with interior lighting

We turned the smallest bedroom in this condo unit into a walk-in closet, with glass-fronted closets and interior cabinet lighting. 

condo bedroom turned walk-in closet with interior lighting 2
Samsung Airdresser integrated into costum cabinet module

Our client also requested that we integrate a Samsung AirDresser in this walk-in closet.

Home office

minimalist condo office in black and white

Instead of doing a warm and cool contrast in the home office, we kept things simple and minimal with a white and light gray palette. This is because this small room would also be adorned with six of his K-pop posters and a couple display cabinets for the albums and boxed sets. 

minimalist condo office in black and white 2

Our client was okay to go with more affordable desk from Ikea, but we specified a more premium office chair like the Herman Miller Sayl chair. The seemingly L-shaped desk is actually composed of two separate desks, with the drawer units installed on opposite ends of the tabletop. This way we could push it up against the wall and take care of the awkward pillar in the corner. 

Main bedroom

condo bedroom with custom furniture rug and drapery

We had a custom headboard made, with the bed frame and bedside light switches integrated into it. 

upholstered bed headboard and frame with plush beddings and pendant lamp and side tables

Our client asked us to fill the empty walls with acrylic poster frames, so he could easily play and interchange the posters from his extensive collection. 

upholstered bed headboard and frame with plush beddings and pendant bedside lamp 2

From blank canvas to K-pop condo unit

What started as a blank canvas has been transformed into a stylish and functional sanctuary that reflects the client’s passion for KPop and Korean culture. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, our team worked tirelessly to bring his vision to life, creating a space that not only meets his needs but also exceeds his expectations.

Stay tuned for more inspiring transformations from Gal at Home! If you’re ready to turn your design dreams into reality, schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with us today.