Searching for inspiration to revamp your condo kitchen? In this article, we’ve curated a collection of condo kitchen ideas that will breathe new life into your space. Whether you’re dealing with limited square footage or simply seeking a fresh look, we’ve got you covered. 

From clever storage solutions to interior design hacks, these condo kitchens will help you maximize functionality and style in your compact cooking haven.

Making do with existing finishes in studio-type kitchens

When budgets are small, sometimes we have to make do with existing finishes and just improve and add on to them.

The kitchens you will see below are all from studio-type units where we could not replace the existing cabinets and countertops. So we added a few storage options and decorative finishes to help update the look. 

Small-budget kitchen refresh in Airbnb studio unit

This was a project where our clients had a very small budget to turn their recent studio investment into an Airbnb unit.

While I normally don’t recommend low-cost options in such a heavy-use area, these ideas would work if you don’t mind continually updating and maintaining the space, or if you are just renting and just want to improve your kitchen without heavy remodeling.

I showed more before-and-after pics from this condo remodel in this blog post.

sticker tiles used as backsplash for studio condo kitchen

To cover up the painted wall behind the kitchen counter, we made use of these mosaic-style backsplash “stiles”—stick-on tiles that were easy to apply onto the wall. 

They helped elevate the look of the condo kitchen’s basic finishes, and bridged the large white gap between the counter and the white upper shelves and cabinets, which were purchased from Ikea.

small galley kitchen layout for studio condo

Areas above refrigerators are often under-utilized, so we installed wall-mounted brackets that securely held up a small microwave oven.

If you’re worried about the safety of this setup, do know that the legs of the microwave oven go into slots on the bracket, which prevent it from slipping forward.

custom dining counter with stools in small studio condo

As it was an incredibly tight space, and since it was just going to be for short-term Airbnb use, we had a custom dining counter built for the space. We had the finish match the existing wood-look laminates that were already used in the unit.

Custom white Scandi-minimalist upper cabinets for basic condo kitchen

In this studio unit, our client wanted a simple, Scandinavian look for her condo, which was also to be used as an Airbnb rental.

The galley kitchen already had natural wood-finish bottom cabinets, but needed more storage via upper cabinets. Below are renderings from that remotely designed project.

rendering of two-tone studio kitchen with custom upper cabinets

As we could not find exact finish laminates in our client’s locality, we suggested using a two-tone look for her kitchen instead. 

rendering of two-tone studio kitchen with custom upper cabinets2

The upper white cabinets featured doors that had “slots” instead of handles—a feature commonly found in minimalist Scandinavian kitchen designs.

rendering of studio dining area

Just to the side of the kitchen, we created a small dining nook via a dining table with foldable eaves and small drawers that housed eating and cooking utensils. 

Going coastal white with touches of blue in this studio kitchen

Here’s another studio unit we worked on that is quite similar to the first example in this article. It was to be used as an Airbnb rental, but this time, we had a little more to invest in custom cabinets and finishes. 

two tone studio kitchen cabinets2

We took inspiration from our client’s work location: Florida, USA. We suggested a coastal, blue-and-white look, and installed glass mosaic tiles to serve as backsplash wall. 

The upper cabinets featured Shaker-style doors that opened like an “awning”—with the hinges on top, rather than the side. 

custom dining counter

Just like in the other studio unit, we did not have enough space to put a full-sized dining table. So we designed a wall-mounted dining counter, but with thick brackets that lent a beach-cottage vibe.

The same style was also used on the shelves above the mini refrigerator, one of which securely held the microwave oven.  

Note that the walls were clad in a creamy, shiplap finish, another element of coastal-style interiors. Check out more photos from this project and how we came up with this condo unit’s look in this blog post. 

Adding matching storage units in tiny kitchen and living space

Here’s an eDesign project we worked on where our clients asked us for ideas on how they can improve on their severe lack of storage—a common problem among condo dwellers.

perspective drawing of tiny condo kitchen with additional cabinets 1

While they did not have the budget yet to upgrade their kitchen, they wanted to get ideas on how they could add more cabinets to their uniquely laid out kitchen. 

perspective drawing of tiny condo kitchen with additional cabinets 2

You see, their kitchen was right next to a small space that they used as a living area, which, incidentally, also needed more storage units.

We came up with designs for cabinetry that visually separated the kitchen and living spaces, but was flexible enough to be used for both. Note that the tall white cabinet module beside the refrigerator also housed the microwave oven.

Combining dining and cooking areas in limited condo space

Now in many condo units, limited space requires us to be more flexible with our use of every square meter. More often than not, we need to combine several functions into one space. In the following condo kitchens, we created designs that did just that.

Contemporary-style kitchen with dining nook

In one of our most popular blog posts, we showed this combined kitchen and dining space in a two-bedroom condo unit.

condo dining area with banquette and ceiling-mounted bar shelves2-watermark

While the kitchen is still a separate space from the dining area, the idea was to reduce the distance by attaching the dining nook with the kitchen counter. 

condo kitchen with stainless sink bar counter and dining banquette2

The kitchen peninsula also served as the backrest of the dining bench, which also had storage underneath the cushioned seat.

clean condo kitchen with range and range hood-watermark

The kitchen itself was fully outfitted with all the storage modules our clients needed, and was even able to accommodate a large, stainless-steel, deep-tub sink, a bigger microwave oven, and an electric oven range with hood.

Custom kitchen peninsula with storage for 1-bedroom condo unit

This was a 1-bedroom condo project that was to be used by a newly married couple. The existing kitchen sorely lacked the space they both needed, as the Mrs loved to cook.

galley kitchen in 1-bedroom condo with additional custom peninsula

Our solution was to add a kitchen peninsula, that served as both kitchen prep space, additional storage for highly-used appliances, and as a dining counter.

One side of the peninsula had legroom for two barstools, while the other side facing the galley kitchen were drawers, cabinets, and open shelves where they could put a microwave oven and a multi-purpose electric oven.

custom kitchen peninsula with modules for appliances

Clean, contemporary kitchen-dining space for a household of 7

In this 3-bedroom condo, our clients had quite a large and bustling household, which is why they needed a lot of storage options. 

custom white kitchen cabinets with wooden countertop

Their unique situation, however, was that they never had any meals at the same time, as they had people working different shifts of the day (and night), and had both under-10 and adult household members.

pet dog in bed next to kitchen-dining counter

We removed their bulky dining table (which they never used anyway) and created a kitchen peninsula that, again, served as both storage unit and dining counter.

glass pendant lamps over wooden kitchen counter and white cabinets

To add functional and decorative lighting in this new part of the condo, we used glass-bulb pendant lamps that beautifully highlighted this new space. (More photos on this condo transformation in this blog post)

A smart, minimalist kitchen and dining space for a bachelor

I myself am not a minimalist, but I must say this was one of my favorite projects to work on. Our client was a bachelor who had purchased a 3-bedroom condo unit that had the exact layout as the previous one above.

He liked the idea of a dining counter in the kitchen, as he was a one-man household (sometimes three, if family happened to stay over). But he wanted the convenience of smart technology and appliances to aid him in house and kitchen work.  

dining counter in contemporary-minimalist condo kitchen

We accommodated a two, French-door type smart refrigerator with a big-monitor where he could watch YouTube and Netflix videos while eating. We kept the lighting sufficient, but also minimalist, which is why we went for recessed and ceiling-mounted lights in black and white.

open-plan condo kitchen and living area

Note that the dining-kitchen area was right beside the living room, which, instead of being a place to entertain, was to be used as a home theater. Hence, the 85″ LED TV, and automatic reclining La-Z Boy seats. (I wouldn’t normally recommend La-Z Boy seats from an aesthetic perspective, but man, are they super comfy!).

view of open-plan kitchen and dining area next to condo entryway and living area

Note that apart from being both a dining and cooking area, we had to make it a laundry area, too. We worked with licensed engineers and had to get special permission from the building admin to add plumbing and electrical stub-outs in this location, in order to accommodate a combination washer-dryer unit.

small kitchen sink next to integrated fisher & paykel dishwasher

Instead of a big sink, we went with a bar sink, and my client invested in a high-end dishwasher so he would just let the machines do all the dirty work!

minimalist condo kitchen with dining counter and washer dryer unit

If you notice off to the side of the kitchen are empty glass-door display cabinets and acrylic poster frames. This is because our client is also a BIG K-pop fan, and intended to display his large collection of K-pop posters and albums on his walls. 

Fully functioning kitchen design in spacious condo units

We have also worked on those rare gems of condos where space is not really that big of an issue, so we were free to create designs and layouts that enabled our condo-dwelling clients to fully enjoy their kitchens. Here is one such project, also one of my favorites, and one which I totally envy!

wide view of condo kitchen with stone-finish tile flooring and wood-finish cabinets

The old kitchen had a very ’00s look to it, so our clients wanted a more contemporary look and upgrade. We went with a natural, contemporary style, hence the wood- and stone-look finishes. We did away with bulky hardware and went seamless with our cabinet profiles by using recessed handles, but in a contrasting black.

condo kitchen bar with storage cabinets

The kitchen was right next to the dining room, so my clients requested a bar counter that—instead of having barstools like before—had storage space for china, glassware, utensils, and cutlery. We employed a beautiful waterfall edge with a creamy, synthetic stone countertop.

appliances in fully functional condo kitchen

In the cooking area, we added a little more texture via herringbone-patterned, marble tile backsplash. This bridged the gray stone-finish floors and all the gray and silver appliances with all the warm wood cabinetry.

integrated dishwasher in condo kitchen2

Our clients requested a dishwasher, but since the module beside the sink was a tad too small for a regular-sized dishwasher, we used a large tabletop dishwasher instead. We had to contact the supplier for us to know if it was possible to integrate this into a cabinet module, and again worked closely with engineers and the building administration to accommodate this appliance. Note that when adding so many major appliances in a condo building, you may need to check the allowable electrical load for your unit.

pullout condiments rack in condo kitchen

One of the things that makes a kitchens look so cluttered is the amount of different labels, packaging, and differently colored items out on display. So integrating pullout racks like this condiments rack into cabinetry is a pretty neat idea.  

pantry items in lower kitchen cabinets

Even in spaces where we could only squeeze in shallow shelves, we provided a place where our clients could keep and store all the food stuff so that there is some semblance of neatness and organization in one of the busiest areas of a home.

appliances cabinet with stone counter and extra outlets

Perhaps one of my most favorite parts of this condo kitchen design was the “appliance tower” we created for our clients. This tall cabinet unit was placed at the end of the kitchen, and housed all their cooking appliances. Because our clients loved to bake, we also allotted a countertop for that purpose, with extra outlets where they could plug their mixer or blender. At the back of this cabinet unit is actually a vertical module that hides those unsightly blue water gallons from plain sight.

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