Some time back—specifically during the pandemic years—my team and I worked on an online interior design of an office room. 

It was for an executive based in Manila, Philippines, who wanted a more sophisticated and designed look for her small, basic, but irregularly shaped office.

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Because it was smack in the middle of restrictions, renovation work couldn’t be carried out, and we had to make do with furnishing and decorating, albeit all done online. Thanks to our eDesign services, our client was able to ask us to execute our Space-Planning service on her small executive office.

The interior design project brief: Small executive office room

Whenever we start an eDesign project, we always ask our clients to upload BEFORE shots of the room (in this case, an irregularly shaped office room) to our online client portal.

We then ask them to fill out a lifestyle and design questionnaire, and we also do a one-hour Zoom call so we can really dive deep into their needs, wants, and preferences. 

To give you an idea of what we were working with in this office interior design project, here are some pictures of what the office room looked like before.

Our client already had a number of pieces that she wanted to keep: her marble-topped desk with gold legs, a white Herman Miller Sayl chair, a fortune plant in an indoor pot, and a loveseat provided by the office. 

She did however specify that she wanted to put the loveseat up on legs, so we were free to recommend hardware for that furniture piece. 

She also needed storage for her many office files, but didn’t want to make the office room feel…“office -y.”

There was also a pair of large paintings that she had purchased from furniture store Karlex Home that she wanted us to incorporate into the whole interior design concept of her office.

As we could not go to her office to measure the room ourselves, we asked her to follow some guides we had uploaded to her project folder in our online client portal, to make rough sketches with measurements of her space.

(If you purchase our Gal at Home Space-Planning Blueprint, we include an entire module teaching you how to properly measure and sketch out your space the way professionals do it.)

Her other requests: A coffee nook, and a generally more sophisticated, feminine vibe for her corporate setting.

Creating 3D renderings of our office room interior design concept

As part of our Space-Planning service, we came up with the following deliverables for our client:

  • Furniture layout
  • Lighting layout (specifically a more dressy pendant light fixture and a couple table lamps)
  • Selections of furniture pieces, namely a custom sideboard, a smaller coffee cabinet, a pair of open shelves, and upholstered guest chairs
  • Selections of decor and accessories

We also drew up these 3D renderings, created by our design associate at the time, Ayana Nery.

Online interior design of office room 3D Render

Through these realistic renderings, our clients can visualize how they can decorate their spaces.

Online interior design of office room 3D Render by Ayana Nery

We try as much as we can to include actual pieces we select in our renderings, but for this one, we used a similar painting in the render to mock up our client’s actual paintings. In the far corner you can see the smaller cabinet that could be used as a coffee nook.

Online interior design of office room 3D Render by Ayana Nery

We suggested to our client to add a few cooler accents, like blue-gray chairs or denim-blue throw pillows. This way, we can temper down all the warm hues in the room, like the wooden wall accent, the wood furniture, and the gold hardware.

The Big Reveal: The spruced-up look of our client’s executive office

Our client thankfully had professional photos taken of her finished office, which is how we are able to share them with you here. 

These photos were taken by photographer Patrick Mateo, unless otherwise indicated.

Exec Office Photo by Patrick Mateo 3

Our client was able to get almost all of the pieces we specified for her, including the custom Nova Buffet sideboard (which we made sure would fit her numerous file folder organizers) from Biara Furniture.

Exec Office Photo by Patrick Mateo 2

View from the outside of her office room, showing a part of the loveseat, now raised on hardware legs from DM Home Furnishing.

Exec Office Photo by Patrick Mateo 1

The pair of shelves were a steal from Edia Home, which our client styled on her own with her personal accessories and decor.

Exec Office Photo by Patrick Mateo 5

She also added blue and green accents to the space to cool down all the warm tones from the paintings and the wooden furniture pieces.

Exec Office Photo gold wall art with solihiya cabinet

As the gold-frame mirror we specified was no longer available by the time she was ready to purchase, my client instead purchased this gold wall art installation of palm leaves, which went nicely with the accents in the space. (Photo provided by our client)

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