In case you were looking for ideas for decorating your interiors for Christmas, then this post is for you.

I have had my Christmas decor for well over a decade, and I still haven’t felt the need to replace them all. They’re all quite timeless, and I just need to add a few elements to make them match the times (like 2022 was a year of pink for me, so I added pink ribbons to my existing palette of blue, green, and red).

It’s all a matter of making use of a few decorating techniques that can help you stretch the lifespan of your Christmas accessories! This way, you won’t feel the need to buy new decor every year. And that counts for a lot, when budgets tend to blow up during the Christmas season.

Now the photos I will be sharing with you are straight out of the pages of Wish, a printed supplement magazine I had worked on in 2016 or 2017 for Power Plant Mall and Preview Magazine. It was mainly to advertise the stores and facilities of the mall, which is especially known in Metro Manila for transforming into a veritable, high-end Christmas paradise during the -ber months.

WISH magazine cover page

Cover of WISH magazine by Power Plant Mall and Preview magazine

WISH magazine home & decor story

Home & Decor story spread by Camyl Besinga of Gal at Home Design Studio

WISH magazine home & decor story

WISH magazine Home & Decor spread on Christmas interior ideas

WISH magazine home & decor story

WISH magazine Home & Decor spread on Christmas interior ideas

WISH magazine home & decor story

WISH magazine Home & Decor spread on Christmas interior ideas

While I had cart blanche as to how I could decorate the interior space in this campaign, I decided to make use of a Christmas look that is timeless, elegant, and can be done at any budget.

I actually pulled out a lot of items and decor from some of Power Plant Mall’s stores, and these were True Value, Make Room, Cooks Exchange, Muji, Restoration, Dimensione, Wrap Shop, and Grassroots.

(Note that as this story was done some years back, some of the stores listed above may no longer exist. I haven’t really checked, so just have that as a disclaimer.)

But I feel that you can replicate these Christmas looks in your own home and interiors, regardless of your budget.

I worked on this story with my go-to interiors photographer Toto Labrador, and catering company Pink Plate Food Company, who helped me style both decor and food spreads.

Christmas interior and decor ideas at any budget

Layer your surfaces with a mix of highs and lows.

Christmas table decor idea

When gathering your Christmas decor and accessories, check that you have a good mix of “highs and lows”—otherwise known as tall and short ornaments. 

I always make sure I have vertically oriented items (like these acrylic tabletop Christmas trees in various heights), and even the stemmed glasses add to the visual display. 

As for horizontally oriented items, these can include faux holly or ivy or garlands, as well as organically shaped accessories like pine cones, or stars or spiked balls.

Trays (whether round or rectangular), place mats, plate chargers, and runners also count as horizontal decor. Just make sure to layer them all in in closely ascending or descending heights (like stair steps), so that each item relates well to the other.

Dress up ordinary plateware with ribbons.

Red ribbon and gift for Christmas place setting

You don’t need to recreate fancy place setting decor like the ones you see in grand parties or weddings. A gift box wrapped neatly with a bow can make for a great “place card” on a plate (and will be well appreciated by your guests!).

If there are different courses for your Christmas meal, stack the dinner and salad plates and bowl on top of each other, and tuck the table napkin and a thick stripe of red ribbon underneath. 

It’s a pretty simple trick that creates quite an impressive impact.

Use faux greens and flora to fill in buffet spreads.

Christmas interior ideas noche buena spread

While the “highs and lows” rule also applies to the buffet table, fill in the spaces between serving plates with faux greens and flora. 

In this spread, I actually used my own faux golden pothos vine to wrap around serving trays and cake stands across the length of the buffet counter.

Then between dishes, we placed those faux gold flowers you can find at any department store or even the bookstore, or a pot of real or faux poinsettias

(Fun fact: Did you know that poinsettias are originally named cuetlaxochitl, pronounced kwet-la-SHO-sheet, which means “flower that withers” in the native Nahuatl-speaking communities of Mexico? The name poinsettia is actually from the 1828 statesman and slave owner named Joel Roberts Poinsett, who saw the flower during his tenure in Mexico as a minister. Source: Chicago Tribune).

You can even forage for twigs and dried branches to layer into your Christmas buffet table decor.

Stick to a timeless Christmas palette of white, gold, and red.

Christmas tree gold red white interior

As the photo caption suggests, use the timeless palette of white, gold, and red to instantly turn your interiors into a Christmas wonderland. 

Even red throw pillows that don’t necessarily have a Christmas-y pattern (like the ones you see in the photo) can feel holiday-appropriate if you pair it with white or gold fabrics or cases. 

A cushy red throw blanket instantly spells comfort. Even gifts under the tree can add a touch of holiday color. 

Add something sparkly to a forgotten console or corner.

Gold Christmas tree stand decor ideas

While you don’t need to fill all corners and surfaces with Christmas decor, it just helps to tie in these forgotten spaces into your whole interior look. 

An instant way to do that it to use something with a bit of sparkle, like a glittery Christmas tree stand. You buy this item once, and can use it for decades. 

Need some help with checking your existing Christmas decor?

Already have Christmas decor but wondering how you can apply the tips above with them? I’d love to help with that! 🙋🏻‍♀️ 

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