We’re two weeks into 2022 and our team is finally coming out of hiding…I mean, quarantine.

We’re hoping you weren’t hit (whether directly or peripherally) by the “new year surge” too, and I am really, really wishing everyone is safe, healthy, and well out of the woods.


That said, I’ve been doing some quiet introspection into what #galathome really stands for, and what it can still be. It’s been weighing heavily on my mind since late last year, as we were wrapping up our 2021 projects. Is Gal at Home really where I want it to go?

I’ve long given up on new year goals and resolutions, but I do know that I want our little design studio/biz to be more authentic. Two years in a pandemic has shown me that much. We’re already dealing with record levels of anxiety, and I don’t want our homes to be another source of stress.

The truth is, I want to continue helping the clueless and the confused in creating homes they love and enjoy living in, but I also want it to be a stress-free process. So I’ve just been planning, brainstorming, thinking of ideas…so many cool new ideas in my head that I’d love to workshop with my team as soon as we are all well and able to. But this is me, also throwing these ideas out into the universe.

I’m thinking:

…better, more streamlined eDesign services—plus more monthly slots to accommodate all the inquiries we’ve been getting lately. (And do check out the newly laid out eDesign services page created by Daydream Branding Studio!)

…an on-demand, online vault of all the homestyling resources I’ve ever made (and will still be making)…

…a collection (ebook? mini course?) of anxiety-free home management hacks for busy working moms (everything I’ve ever wanted to make my home cares magically disappear LOL)…

…a real, honest-to-goodness, collection of PHYSICAL products in an online Gal at Home boutique??? eeeek

…and something I’ve been toying with for the last two years….a business mastermind for design professionals!

These are all still just raw ideas, so if you want to add anything more in there, drop it in the comments below or email me! I would love to hear what you think, or what you really need that I could possibly help you with!