Since 2020, Gal at Home Design Studio has been offering eDesign (virtual or online interior design) services. When the pandemic forced everyone to work from their homes, many clients were unable to have designers or contractors visit their houses and condos. 

We had been preparing to go live with our eDesign service the year before the first lockdown. So you can say it was a very timely opportunity for us to help home-bound clients with their homes. 

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Now take a look at the eDesign projects we worked on in 2021!

Gal at Home eDesign Portfolio for 2021

When lockdowns and community quarantines kept construction crews and contractors from working on site, many of our clients resorted to executing designs themselves (the DIY route) or simply purchasing new furniture for their spaces. 

So many of our eDesign clients availed of our Space-Planning eDesign; it is a less time-consuming undertaking, and not as costly as a complete room eDesign.

Space-planning eDesign for two-bedroom condo unit in BGC

These repeat clients of ours were moving into their third condo unit—this time with a new addition to the family. After redesigning their one-bedroom condo, they were moving into a larger, two-bedroom unit that they asked our team to revamp and layout.


The condo looked basic enough, but they wanted to add a little bit more visual interest to it. So we suggested paint colors, an arched wall design element, as well as selected most of the furniture they will need for the space. 


Space-planning eDesign of executive office in Ortigas Center

Another repeat client of ours asked me to work on her new executive office this time. She already had a desk, an office chair, a small sofa, and two large paintings provided for by the company. But she asked us for help in putting everything together. 


We selected furniture and decorative accessories for her since she already had most of the major furniture pieces. In order to tie everything together, we selected pieces in a contrasting accent color (blue, to complement all the gold, orange, and wooden tones in the space).


Space-planning eDesign of a living and dining area in a Singapore condo unit

This was our third repeat client of the year, and we had previously worked on this Singapore-based couple’s main bedroom-turned-home office in a smaller condo unit.

After viewing a larger condo unit, they had difficulty imagining how they should layout the furniture. But they signed on the lease papers anyway and said to themselves, “We’ll let Gal at Home take care of it!” (You can say that added a lot of pressure to our team to deliver!)


But because we love collaborating with our clients and taking all of their needs and wants into consideration, we were able to pull off a design of the common areas in their new condo unit that they love and enjoy. 

“Magical talaga ang interior design!” our client quipped. “The kids sometimes don’t want to go out anymore. They love the house so much!” Hearing that brings us so much happiness (and tears of joy)!


Space-planning eDesign of a combined living and dining area in Makati

Another one of our online design consult clients availed of our space-planning eDesign service so they could properly furnish the condo unit they’d recently moved into.


It was a very empty space, but these clients wanted a very minimalist Japandi look, so we kept the design to neutral tones, but with a bit of texture. 

Clients already finished furnishing their living and dining rooms, and have contracted us again to work on their bedroom and home office! Something to expect in 2022 😉


Space-planning eDesign of a one-bedroom condo in Pasig

This is an ongoing eDesign project with a former online design consult client of ours. We have yet to implement her feedback to our initial designs, but I thought of sharing our perspective models anyway. 


Client needed storage options, furniture selections, and wall paint suggestions, which we provided in our initial deliverables. Below are the 3D perspective models of our designs.


Custom eDesign of a two-bedroom condo unit in Taguig

This is the project of another former design consult client, who was relocating to a different country for work. He wanted to fix up their two-bedroom condo so that they could rent it out while they were out of the country. 


We gave them a furniture plan, shopping list of furniture and decor selections, a light plan, as well as a paint guide. We also designed, at their request, a short divider wall for the kitchen. We recommended one of our partner-contractors, DMLorenzo Construction Corp to help them execute the plans on their own. 


Interior styling project at the model units' showroom of The Elements Residences

This was actually an interior styling project, but because of the pandemic, we were forced to coordinate with clients virtually. Clients were property developer GFL Metro Communities Inc., and they asked Gal at Home to help them spruce up their model units for the Elements Residences in Pasig City. 

There were three model units that we needed to spruce up. They’d already been furnished, but our clients told us that the model units lacked that “wow” factor that would impress potential buyers. 


It was so much fun shopping around for additional furniture and decor for this! Below are our own AFTER photos (taken from my mobile phone), and a video walkthrough made by our clients’ team. 


Take a look at the video walkthrough of all the redesigned model units of Elements Residences in Pasig:

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