Here’s PART 2 of my last-minute Christmas gift guide!

If you didn’t see PART 1, scoot over to this link for the first half of my shopping list. I recommended mostly home goodies: furniture, appliances, food items, eco-friendly kitchen, laundry, and WFH stuff, and even eco-sustainable female products. 

I’m still dishing out gift options you can use at home in PART 2, but some of these may be for personal use (like shoes, candles, or an inexpensive alternative to ergonomic office chairs). 

I’m organizing the items below by shop, but have included links and photos to my favorite items from each site. Do know that some of the links below are my affiliate links. This only means that when you click on them and purchase through my links, I will earn a small commission from the sale—but at no added cost to you. (Your way of supporting the small biz that is Gal at Home Design Studio, too, so thank you!) 

Here goes!

Aromatic candles made by indigenous folks from Quatro Aroma

The girls of Quatro Aroma reached out to me in the middle of 2020, and I loved what I learned about their products and their advocacy!

They use soybeans for their hand-poured candles, which means

  • they use a natural and renewable source and produce a biodegradable product;
  • it is nontoxic, nonhazardous, and safer for people with allergies (i.e., me);
  • it lasts longer and burns slower than paraffin wax candles (which translates to better value for money!);
  • and the best part: production supports the livelihood of indigenous peoples, namely the Aetas of Arayat, Pampanga. 
quatro aroma candles
Quatro Aroma's classic candles comes in four scents. Starts at P299 for 100 grams
quatro aroma candles
My favorite scent is the Mornings at Camp John Hay. P595 for 240 grams
quatro aroma candles
The Gayuma Collection literally just dropped the other day. Dibs on 02 scent. P849

Unique footwear from Sewn Sandals

Created by Mariel Ortiz-Luis Veluz, Sewn Sandals aims to sustain homegrown craftsmen and women, and use locally available raw materials like abaca or buri. 

In 2020, they came out with their unique flour-sack (“Arina”) sandals, and I’ve been dying to get myself a pair. Great for your fashion-forward LOs (there are unisex sandals too). 

repurposed shoes
Verano Arina sandals, P1,290.
fiesta arina
Fiesta Arina sandals. P1,290
Arina Mojo for men and ladies, P1,290

Lights and other beautiful home items from Home Cartel

Home Cartel is one of my go-to vendors for many of my client projects, and that’s because I love their on-trend selections for lights and decor. 

Use my exclusive code when you purchase non-sale items for an additional 5% discount: Type in AP0041 upon checkout. 


gold table lamp
Hugi table lamp, P6,595. Use code AP0041 for additional 5% discount.
pendant lamp
Layla pendant lamp, P2,995. Use AP0041 code for additional 5% discount.
metal shelves
Scandinavian folded metal shelves, starts from P1,850. Use AP0041 for additional 5% discount.

Affordable ergonomic seating for WFH-ers, from Curble Chair

While I’ve been working from home since 2015, I only started getting back and neck aches from my home office chair in pandemic time. 

Getting an ergonomic office chair has been a dream of mine, but due to budget constraints, I’ve had to set it aside. 

So I was really happy to find Curble, which has so far alleviated my back, neck, and shoulder pains without having to buy a new chair. 

curble chair wider
I got the Curble Chair Wider, which I use both on my office chair, and while driving. P2,800
curble chair
Can be used on office chairs or regular dining chairs

Art kits for the kids, from Likhang Bata

Here’s a product offering from the same guys who’ve provided fun, online art classes to famous kids like Zia Dantes (daughter of Marian and Dingdong Dantes), Kiera Ricks Macatangay (daughter of Melissa Ricks), and Caela Pingris (daughter of Danica and Mark Pingris). 

Get art kits for your kids, pamangkins, and inaanaks, sold exclusively by Likhang Bata at The Parenting Emporium

likhang bata art kit
Sample art kits from Likhang Bata, P299
Zia Dantes likhang bata
Cutiepie Zia Rivera Dantes enjoying her online art class with Likhang Bata Teacher Laurie

Online design consults for those looking to refresh your homes in the new year

Yes, you can gift yourself or your nearest and dearest with our online design consults! I’ve opened up slots for the remaining days of December AND January 2022, so this is the perfect gift for someone looking to refresh or change up their homes after the holiday decor has been taken down! 

online design consult

For only P3,000, you’ll get 60 minutes with me and ask me aaaalll the questions you’ve always wanted to ask a design pro about your home.

Just book an online design consult through the button below (you may use your credit or debit card, GCash, GrabPay, or Paymaya). 

And there you have it: My last-minute Christmas shopping gift guides (part 1 here)!

What do you think? Did you find anything in my guides that are of interest to you or someone you love? Do share in the comments below your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!