If you’ve been wanting to refresh your home on a budget, you’re in luck! More than mere shelter and comfort, we look to our homes to calm us, inspire us, and bring us joy.

Here are four inexpensive ways to breathe new life into your living space.

Say it with flowers.

flowers in a vase
What can I say? I’m a petal pusher. (Photo from the Styled Stock Society)

I talk a lot about the virtues of flower arrangements, and for good reason. If you don’t want to frequently splurge on fresh, then you can invest in faux ones. There is a bit of an outlay with faux blooms, but they’re super simple to use, last far longer than the value of your investment, and completely customizable according to your mood.

If you’re not a fan of synthetic blossoms, dried flowers like statice, lavender, or baby’s breath are another pretty, thrifty option.

Spring for a selection of blooms you can mix and match, and watch them light up a room!

Style your shelves.

decor books and boxes on shelves
But first, let me take a #shelfie. (Photo by Toto Labrador)

If you’ve ever seen my past work, you know how I love a good shelf. In fact, I love styling shelves so much, I created an entire guide on it.

Shelves are powerful design vehicles because they are like blank canvases sitting right at eye level. Just experimenting with layers, colors, textures, and dimensions on your shelf can completely transform your space.

Already cringing at the thought of having to buy new things? Stop! Instead, do a sweep of your home and see if you have any books, knick knacks, framed photos, and what-have-yous that might look good up there.

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Hit the wall.

family photos on a gallery wall at home
This wall tells all. (Photo by Toto Labrador)

A statement wall is a fantastic way to perk up any place.

Try a gallery wall made of your favorite family photos, printed and framed in a neat, uniform grid. A wall like this doesn’t only serve as a visual treat; it also adds volumes of character to an otherwise neutral surface!

Speckles put the ‘spec’ in spectacle. (Photo from Kelsey Reidl)

Alternatively, a decal wall of prints or patterns can make a room pop. Spend an hour or two searching for a design in a color palette that speaks to you. Then, have it scaled, perfected, and printed to taste for a bespoke wall that’s a sight to see.

Play with your pillows.

colorful pillows on sofa
I’ve never fought a pillow fight I didn’t win, tbh. (Photo by Toto Labrador)

Changing up your throw pillows is one of the easiest ways to refresh your home for cheap. See, throw pillows are like makeup for your living space; you can swap and switch them depending on the season, or whatever you’re vibing with at the moment!

So the next time you feel a room getting drab or dull, browse the throw pillow section of your store of choice! Go for some vibrant hues, eclectic shapes, rich embroidery—or anything at all that tickles your fancy.

Now that you have these tricks of the trade in your hands, go and give your home the (insanely affordable) makeover it truly deserves.

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