One thing that I always notice in most of my client projects and online consults is that people generally want a home that feels warm and cozy.

What does that even mean? “Warm” as in summertime warm, like being in a heat wave?

Or warm, as in welcoming and approachable, like a home that embraces you with all the feel-good things (or people) it has in it?

If you nodded to the latter description, then you and all my clients have that in common. Even me!

Unless you want to live in a cold and sterile environment, like a hospital or a gallery (both of which require a clean, blank canvas), then you belong to the majority of the population who do prefer the warm and cozy home.

So how DO you make your home feel warm and cozy? Below are three quick tips.

Layer in some texture.

teal bed with pink sheets and a pink throw blanket
Photo by Camyl Besinga

Texture refers to how things feel to the touch. Sometimes, it’s the element that really completes the look of the space.

In the bedroom above for example, the picture gives off a more cozy vibe thanks to the pink felt throw blanket casually draped over it. If there were no throw, it will just look like an ordinary bed. This additional texture also highlights an important feature of this AirBnb studio: The bed was made for staying and lounging in.

The tufting on the headboard and the seagrass side table also add some textural interest. Imagine if the headboard had just a plain surface, and the side table was just a simple brown cylinder. The different layers of texture make everything much more interesting.

Throw in some contrasting pops of color.

black sectional sofa with colorful throw pillows and red throw
Photo by Toto Labrador

Contrasting colors against a plain background give emphasis to a particular area in a space, and in this way, draws the viewer to it.

For example, the colorful pillows and throw on the black sectional above gives emphasis to this furniture piece and the desire that it is a place you should sit on and feel comfortable in.

In other words, the contrasting colors effectively made this family-room sofa look and feel so much more inviting.

Add in some warm accent lights.

Warm bedside lamp next to cozy bed with throw pillows
Photo by La Miko from Pexels

I know a lot of people who are allergic to warm lighting.

It’s a common mistake that people use warm white bulbs (those that cast a yellowish glow) in their overhead room or ambient lights.

Take your cue instead from cozy hotels and restaurants, where these warm lights are delegated to accent lights.

Examples of these accent lights: drop or pendant lamps, bedside table lamps, or living room floor lamps that are only meant to create a relaxed ambience.

Here are my go-to shops for warm accent lights:

Know what else makes a home look and feel warm and cozy? Decorating with personal touches! When you’re surrounded by things that give you all the fuzzy feels, then you bet it will make you want to spend more time in your very own space.

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