If you’re like most people stuck at home the world over and thought about looking into an online interior design service, well you’re in luck! Check out my eDesign Services.

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DIY interior design without the guesswork

How does online interior design or edesign work? Simple: Take your room-refresh cues from an actionable design plan (provided to you by a design pro), and you execute it yourself. Whether on a budget or working with time constraints, you can have a professionally designed space you enjoy living in, and not just a room you sleep/eat/work in.

Choose your preferred online interior design service from any of the following:

Is online interior design for me?

This service is great for those who..

• are willing to DIY the design execution—measuring, shopping, and installing—themselves
• can do the legwork, but don’t want to deal with the guesswork involved in choosing colors, picking out furniture and decor, and styling surfaces and areas
• want a beautifully styled room, but don’t have the budget for a full-blown Remodel package

What you will get:

With a purchase of my Room eDesign or Space Planning services, you get clear and actionable plans for arranging your furniture or styling for one (1) room or unit with a maximum area of 30 square meters. These include a floor plan with furniture layout; a light plan for fixed and freestanding lights or lamps; and an instruction guide on how to put all the elements together.

You’ll also receive the following:

• an actual shopping list of furniture pieces, fixtures, home accessories, and/or decor you can purchase on your own
• A mood board and design pegs that will help you zero in on a design direction for your space
• A color palette and materials board that will identify exactly which finishes, swatches, and textures will work in your space
• More clarity when it comes to what you can do with your space and how you can get it to look more like a space you’d enjoy living in, and less of a room with just a functional purpose (for sleeping/eating/working in)

More importantly, you’ll experience these transformations at a conveniently budgeted price:

• The convenience of simply having to pick out items (be they furniture, home accessories, or decor) that go well with your preferred design style, your needs, and your actual space
• The ease of having a clear-cut design board, furniture layout, and styling plan that you can quickly execute on your own.
• Having your space personally designed with your needs, living arrangements, and style preferences in mind—without the high cost

For more details about each eDesign service, download our Gal at Home eDesign Experience brochure using the form below, so that you may see and compare what the differences are between the two online interior design services, and which one better fits your needs.

Why you should get this offer from me

camyl besinga interior stylist

Since 2018, I’ve been investing heavily in digitizing my systems and processes. I’ve seen how more and more of my clients use digital tools to find design inspiration: Pinterest, Instagram, even Facebook and other interior design apps like Houzz or Planner 5D.

I get inquiries about how potential clients need help with their homes, but they often balk at how much interior design really costs.

I’ve always felt that digital tools are a great equalizer. With everyone having either a mobile phone, a tablet, or a laptop nowadays, using digital means to purchase products or services is as easy as it has ever been.

I’ve prepared my business systems and processes to make full use of these online tools at our disposal, so that I can offer online interior design services to more and more people, at a fraction of the usual cost of a traditional interior design package.

Partner that with my absolute love for seeing other people’s homes and figuring out how these spaces can work for them; getting clear on the unique ways in which we live in our own rooms; and how to leverage that to create a home that we really, really, really enjoy living in.

Click on these links to learn more about me or look below to see some pics from my portfolio.

Frequently asked questions about online interior design

  1. Are these packages applicable to multiple rooms?

    No, each online interior design service is applicable to one (1) room or unit with a maximum floor area of 50 square meters. I’ve done eDesign packages for clients with rooms as small as 5 sqm, and some for a small studio or unit with a total floor area of 50 sqm or more, but the fee will always start at 50sqm.

    If you are in need of eDesign services for a multiple-room unit or multilevel home (for example, 1-3-bedroom condos, or a townhouse), please contact me so that I can create for you a bespoke online interior design package.

  2. Is it safe to purchase either of these services online? I don’t have a PayPal account.

    I use a secure online payment processing system called HitPay, which allows anyone around the world to purchase our eDesign packages using credit/debit card, or through bank transfers. You don’t need to create a HitPay account to send your payment. All you need to do is click on the unique link we will send you, enter your credit or debit card details in the required fields, and HitPay will process it for you. With data encryption, real-time transaction monitoring, and buyer protection policies, HitPay is a safe way to pay for any of my eDesign services.

    If you have Philippine bank accounts, we also accept payments via BPI, GCash, or Maya. BPI accepts wire transfers through Xoom, Xend, or Wire.

    However, if you wish to pay through other payment methods, please email me at inquiry@galathome.com so we can discuss your options. Given the nature of these services, payment via cash or check is not accepted.

  3. Will I get a cheaper-looking design than a full-scale remodel?

    Not cheaper, as my team and I definitely work hard to give you the design that will make your home a more enjoyable place to be in. BUT, I’ll be honest: This won’t get you a full-scale interior design package in which we are able to customize furniture pieces to fit your needs, your space, and your preferences (that said, you can purchase furniture customization as an add-on). You won’t also get a renovation plan that will visually and structurally transform your room into the design wonderlands you’ve been pinning on Pinterest.

    There’s a reason why this is a “lite” version of my full-scale interior design service. It’s really for those who want professional design assistance but for a lower cost than my usual service, and those who cannot undertake a minor or even large-scale renovation.

    If you feel like you might need to do a renovation for your space, then you might perhaps need my Remodel service.

  4. What if I’m not able to execute the designs on my own?

    This is why I included up to four (4) Zoom consults and unlimited messaging via the Mydoma messaging center inside my online client portal.

    I will be asking you the right questions that will help me gauge what kind of design to recommend to you, and that you can easily execute on your own.

    You may also choose to engage your own contractor in executing our designs.

  5. I don’t know how to take down room and furniture measurements.

    At the start of our project, I will provide you with a handy room-measuring and photo-taking guide that you can easily follow. All you need is a tape measure (use the retractable steel one, instead of the soft plastic one), a piece of paper, a pencil, and eraser. You may also use up one of our Zoom calls so I can walk you through while you measure your space.

  6. I don’t know if I need to renovate, or just to furnish and decorate my space.

    If you’re unsure whether you need to renovate or not, you can first book an online design consult with me so that I may see your space for myself and make the proper recommendations. If you do decide to proceed with booking either a Remodel or a Room eDesign service, the cost of the online consult will be deducted from your total design package fee.

  7. I’m a bit tech-challenged. What if I don’t know how to navigate your online client portal?

    Don’t worry, I got you. At the start of the project, I’ll be providing you a video tutorial on how to navigate the client portal, whether from a desktop, your mobile phone, or tablet. We can also set aside a portion of our initial video consult to help you get acquainted with Mydoma Studio.

  8. I just can’t seem to take down my room measurements correctly. Can you just come over and measure my space for me?

    Yes! If you live within Metro Manila, that is. You may purchase my onsite design consult for P3,000 here, so that my team and I will come over to take down measurements and photos of your space.

How much are my eDesign services?

Click on each of the icons below to find out the cost of each service.

Your bonuses with every purchase

For my Room eDesign and Space Planning services, you get to enjoy up to four (4) online consults with me. My online design consults are normally paid consults where my clients give me a virtual walk-through of their rooms and tell me all about their problems and issues with their space. I, in turn, provide recommendations and suggestions as to how they can change up the look and feel of their rooms. These consults are normally priced at PhP3,000 (about US$53+-) per hour. With my Room eDesign and Space Planning service, you get FOUR online consults at no added cost to you.

And because we’ll be using my online client portal called Mydoma Studio, you also get unlimited access to me via the Mydoma messaging center. You can message me here any number of times throughout the duration of our project.

What my clients have said about my online interior design services

It’s great to find a pro like Camyl whom I can trust. She articulated our space’s problems in ways that I didn’t realize were true. By just following her instructions, my husband and I now have more room to do all our work and hobbies at home. I’m in awe of how much we could get out of our studio!

Tanya, Makati City

Camyl is very professional and knows her craft well. Her online consultation is affordable yet there are a lot of takeaways from her insights. I am very excited to implement them!

Carmi, Pasig City

I asked Camyl to come up with a design and shop list that would fit my meager budget, and she delivered a reasonably-priced design promptly. I may not have been a big client, but she paid attention and considered all my concerns nonetheless.

Rebecca, Quezon City

Camyl understood off the bat the unique design problem my bedroom presented, plus my individual needs and wants out of this particular space. Her construction and style suggestions were extremely on point and suited to my aesthetic. I can’t wait to see our finished project!

Amanda, Quezon City

Camyl was so friendly and professional at the same time. You can tell that she was really present during our call because she started to sketch her ideas immediately and gave me practical advice as well! Right after our call I followed her advice and rearranged my space. It’s finally a step closer to my dream unit!

Elise, Quezon City

I called Camyl up because my new space was dull; it was begging for some TLC but I didn’t know where to start. After giving her a video tour, she immediately ‘got’ it. She pointed out what my space needed, offered practical tips, and even created a shopping list for me! I followed her design advice, and already purchased 3 of the 6 things she suggested I buy. Now the studio feels cosier, and looks more organised. It was an hour well-spent!!! Didn’t even cost me much, so that’s a plus!

Samantha, Singapore

Ready to purchase?

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Note that all our transactions for eDesign services will be done virtually through my studio’s dedicated online client portal. You will also need to do your own site measuring and photo-taking—with the help of my handy eDesign guide.

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Not sure what you need?

Book me for a free 15-minute discovery call and we can discuss what you’re changes you’re looking to make in your space, and which of our services will be a good fit for your needs.