Had about enough of trying to find tools and food stuffs in your kitchen? One of the best ways to keep your kitchen clean and organized is by using the Konmari method of organization.

clean kitchen with white cabinets and chairs
Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Let the Philippines’ only Konmari-certified consultant, Christine Dychiao, show you how in this video series produced by Asiaco Corporation.

Asiaco Corporation are those very same guys that give you useful home organizing solutions, such as their pullout wire drawers, stainless steel shelves, dish organizers, and more.

I collaborated with Christine on this project by styling Asiaco’s showroom and make it look like a real home kitchen for this video shoot.

I loved this project because I myself was able to pick up lots of great tips from Christine, whom I met last year at a Konmari workshop she conducted at the Third Eye Wellness Center.

In the series, she outlines five steps on how to keep your kitchen clean and organized using principles from the Konmari method popularized by Japanese tidying expert and bestselling author, Marie Kondo.

Without further adieu, here are the videos from Asiaco’s “KONMARI Method of a Clutter-Free Kitchen by Marie Kondo feat. Ms. Christine Dychiao.”

Tip #1: Declutter your kitchen stuff first.

Before you begin organizing each and every item in your kitchen, it’s best to declutter everything first.

Tip #2: Organize and store.

Pick up useful tips in the video below on how you can organize each drawer, closet, or cabinet in your kitchen.

Tip #3: Categorize or create zones.

When you create specific zones for your items, it makes retrieving kitchen and pantry items so much easier.

Tip #4: Use pullout storage.

The Konmari method highlights pullout storage in most rooms of the house—and for good reason!

Tip #5: Make use of height.

Going vertical keeps your floors and countertops free of clutter.

Hope you enjoyed these videos!

Produced by Asiaco Corporation

Hosted by Christine Dychiao

Art-directed and set-designed by Camyl Besinga of Gal at Home Design Studio.

Assisted by Michelle Acantilado and Carie Aguila