Halloween is a pretty big event in our compound-neighborhood, since it is the only occasion where we neighbors (kids + parents + kasambahays) ever get together (apart from the kids’ birthday parties) and socialize.
Once the door decor start sprouting, my eldest (oh, wait, did I mention I gave birth to a baby boy late last year? I obviously haven’t updated in so long!) will not stop pestering me until I decorate our door with pumpkins and what-not.

DIY, budget Halloween door decor

Last year, I didn’t have much money, so I had to make-do with DIY decor made out of whatever materials I had at home—foil, glitter, Japanese and crepe paper—plus all the Halloween decor we’ve had for years.  It was cute, but I wanted to make it less kiddie this time, so I could enjoy looking at my own door as well haha.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 2.40.24 PM
My DIY halloween decor made out of scrap materials at home. The clay jack-o-lanterns were an old purchase some years back from one of the plant nurseries in White Plains.

This year, I wanted to add a bit of an “autumn” feel to the decor, just to elevate it a bit to adult levels LOL.

So last weekend, I planned to go to Dapitan Arcade to get additional reinforcements. But since my kids wanted to tag along, I thought otherwise (Dapitan Arcade having no AC and didn’t want to deal with naggy, sweaty children) and went instead to AllHome along E.Lopez Drive, Quezon City.

Door Decor Materials

For this year’s DIY Halloween door decor, I made sure I had the following tools and materials:

  1. Scissors
  2. Twist-tie
  3. Masking tape
  4. Faux orange berries
  5. Old oval basket tray
  6. Differently sized plastic pumpkin and skull buckets
  7. Existing “ghost” cutouts
  8. 1 roll of burlap “ribbon”
  9. Gold faceted Christmas balls
  10. Straw ribbon bows
  11. Two bouquets of orange fabric roses
  12. Faux pine cones with cord
  13. Glittered faux feather plumes

Items #8-13 were all new additions, and all purchased from AllHome. (This ain’t a sponsored post, by the way!).
I’m too lazy to do write down the step-by-step (ha! sorry…), but here are some pictures to prove my Saturday afternoon project.

Laid out all my decor and materials on a flat surface before beginning
Began by inserting the two bouquets into the spaces between my basket’s weaves
Secured with the trusty ol’ twist-tie
Adding in the my five-year-old faux orange berries…
…a pine cone…
…some glittery “feather” plumes
…this faceted Christmas ball…
Here is my DIY Halloween/Autumn wreath on our door
Twist-tie to secure it onto the grills, making sure it doesn’t move or fall
The finished door with all the old and new and DIY decor

There you have it! Hope you enjoyed my latest blog post (a first in over a year!).