This is a crucial question that most decorators and interior designers have to ask their clients. Problem is, not everyone knows how to define his or her home style.
That’s why I love answering online style quizzes. Okay, okay, it’s a little simplistic—particularly those Buzzfeed ones—but even just looking at your own Pinterest boards will give you a glimpse of the kind of styles you go for. Knowing your home style limits your choices when it comes to decorating your home, and makes the task of beautifying your home less overwhelming, more doable.
Here’s one style quiz I enjoyed taking. It’s from an online interior design company called Home Polish that’s based in New York. I’ve actually been thinking about offering an online interior design service, as I know a lot of people—homeowners, renters—are looking online for home inspiration. Still figuring out how that service will work, and if it’s a viable option for the local market. What do you think?
Anyway going back to the style quiz. It was pretty easy and straightforward, and didn’t require much reading. You just basically pick your favorite image from among the options, and voila! Your home style explained in a quick, easy-to-understand paragraph.
Here’s my result:
I quite agree with its summary of my home style, and if you look at the pictures I’ve been pinning on my Home board, my comfortably chic home style kind of shows through. Don’t you think so?
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Cover photo from Dining and Living Room.