For a studio unit I worked on in Cebu, I designed this white media cabinet (and the upper kitchen cabinets in the background) to have cutout cabinet handles. 
Cutouts or notches used as handles or drawer pulls are common in either Scandinavian or midcentury modern design. Because of the simplicity in aesthetic, functionality, and production, the cutout cabinet handles go perfectly well with these design styles.
Of course, my design raised some eyebrows, particularly my supplier who fabricated the furniture pieces. “Hindi ba aalikabukin?” (Won’t the dust settle inside the cabinets?) Well, yes. But see, this studio unit is going to be rented out in Airbnb, and as such, tenants won’t generally be storing items in it for the long term. Items will be in and out of these cabinets, avoiding the possibility of settling dust (add to the fact that the units will be deep-cleaned more regularly than a residential unit). That’s why I didn’t hesitate in using the cutout cabinet handle design.

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This kind of cabinet “handle” does away with actual hardware on the face of the cabinet or closet, giving it a very simple, streamlined, and modern feel. 
Some designers use rectangular cutouts, while others use circular cutouts. You may in fact use any shape you want–just consider which shape would be easiest to grasp with your fingers. Consider as well the size of the cutout: It should be large enough to accommodate at least 2-3 fingers, and small enough to not allow the cabinet contents to show through.
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If your kitchen has a modern, Scandi-inspired feel to it, then definitely consider the cutout cabinet handles.
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