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 Why I Absolutely Love Tulip Tables 

Or alternately, a sad tale of the ever-elusive Saarinen table.

Saarinen tulip table
(Photo from instagram.com/oh.eight.oh.nine)

I remember back in oh, say, ’05, when I was young and poor (still am), I saw a Saarinen repro table in thrift street Bangkal in Makati, of all places. It was being sold for P6k too. My rent then was much bigger than my salary (folly of my youth), so I had to pass it up. I’ve regretted that, even if I know there was no way I could have afforded it back then. Even repros have evaded me to this day—and besides, I can’t have this in plastic, what with (baby)cats and all.

Why is it called the Saarinen, you ask? That’s not really its actual name (over the decades it’s gained the monicker “Tulip”, for the obvious reason of its tulip-like leg shape). The iconic table is actually named after its Scandinavian designer, Eero Saarinen, who felt disgusted by what he called the “slum of legs” under cities of chairs and tables. So he did away with all the clutter and created this elegant, graceful, and sturdy pedestal table, and the world—and I—have never been the same.

Saarinen tulip table
Will you lookit that modern beauty? (Photo from Apartment Therapy)

It remains to be my Holy Grail.

So while the Saarinen table is not yet in my house, I shall live vicariously through the photos of Tulip-flaunting homes on Pinterest. Below are some of the more jaw-dropping ones I’ve seen.

Saarinen tulip table
Damn, all those curves! From the Tulip to those cantilevered wicker chairs to the artwork to the cowhide *catches breath* (Photo from annesage.com).
Saarinen tulip table
Despite being a midcentury-modern classic, the design-forward table still looks right at home in this romantic-contemporary (rom-con, anyone? 😝) space. (Photo from interiorsbystudioM.com)
Saarinen tulip table
I could hear dem modern design fans squealing with glee over this photo. Design icons Arco lamp, Saarinen table, and Platner chairs all in one photo! (Photo from theurbnite.com)
Saarinen tulip table
It even fits right into this rustic-industrial dining room. (Photo from mydomaine.com)
Saarinen tulip table
Because of the simplicity of its design, the Tulip table is also a popular breakfast nook option. (Photo from cocokelley.com)
saarinen tulip table
I love how its sleekness contrasts with warm wooden tones, adding sophistication to an eclectic space. (Photo from homeadore.com)
Saarinen tulip table
Because it’s white and sleek, the Saarinen allows its chair companions to scream in solid satisfaction. (Photo from designtoinspire.net)
saarinen tulip table
This is just all sorts of modern, Bohemian, country-rustic, modern dining room magical. (Photo from French by Design)

Enjoyed all that? Check out my Pinterest board called Saarinen Roundup for more.


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