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My picks for a contemporary Scandinavian home

Been working on a project where my client requested for super-clean, dust-proof, easy-to-maintain interiors. Since I have been favoring Scandinavian design lately, I recommended we go for a contemporary Scandinavian look—its palette of warm neutrals and bright and airy aesthetic are perfect for the kind of lifestyle and environment he wants to live in.

Soft neutrals palette
My palette of soft neutrals
Contemporary Scandinavian Style
Going for a warm and homey but still contemporary vibe

Luckily, his condo’s finishes already go well with the style we picked, that we hardly need to make major additions or renovations. Below are the furniture picks and pegs that we selected for each of the rooms in this spacious two-bedroom condo:


Living Room scandinavian contemporary moodboard
I added a bit of grays and blacks in the living room to keep it from “floating” too much in whites, which can sometimes make a space feel cold and empty.


Bedroom contemporary scandinavian moodboard
The addition of coppers and black metals add visual interest to the master bedroom.
Master Bedroom Contemporary Scandinavian moodboard
The second bedroom again receives some graphic B&W elements to break up the woods and whites.



dining area contemporary scandinavian moodboard
The dining area was the most challenging to pick furniture for as the space is really, really tiny. I recommended a custom bar table, but since my client preferred retail options, I suggested getting the Docksta table from Ikea, which is available in Mobler. To enlarge the space visually, we’re doing the old mirrored wall trick, and I’m adding these beautiful copper pendants that I found in Cebu to add both overhead and ambient light.


That’s about it. So far, my client and I are in agreement with most of the picks (in fact, most of the items above are already pieces he has pre-selected). It’s just a matter of really narrowing down our options for the other items we need, and reserving them for delivery to the unit.


What do you think? Would you go for a contemporary Scandinavian look for your own home?


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