Remember me?

Yup, that’s me on the right. Cutie on the left is taken, sorry.
I knew last year in blogging (for me) was bad, but so far, 2016 has been the worst.
(Not that I’ve been in the blogosphere for ages or anything, but anyway.)
I’ve been away for far too long—six months too long. In a nutshell, I fell out of love with writing, and have been rejecting everything that would require me to write. Even business letters and proposals weren’t exempt. 
In a way, it felt like my mind wanted to clear itself of the writer’s mindset, and embrace the designer’s mindset. A reset, if you will, to get myself used to thinking more visually and spatially.
To be honest, I’m not yet ready to blog, but if you know me by now (you will never never never know me…🎼🎤🎷), I always fearlessly—or foolishly, depending on one’s perspectives—jump into things I don’t feel ready for. So here I am.
What’s been up (or down)? Still busy on my Cebu “family” project, already seeing the interior finishes being installed, which is quite exciting, and also nerve-wracking, because, what if the wood tones don’t match? What if I picked a dull wall color? What if my supplier doesn’t deliver? and etcetera ad infinitum…

I’ve also been working on a couple of condo projects. One for a single bachelorette with a preference for an intimate and dreamy space, and another for a young, newly married Pinoy expat’s white and open home away from home. (Below, pegs for each condo, respectively.)

Each project is vastly different, which is really helping me flex and stretch my design muscles to the utmost. I love it. 
Oh, and by the way, I joined a team of passionate entrepreneurs—the hubby being one of them—and opened Maginhawa Street’s latest addition to its growing roster of foodie spots: AHI HAWAII.
We serve Hawaiian favorites like poke bowls, malasadas, and spamusubis, plus some locally made goodies like Picolé and Cafepino. I also helped out with the (currently being renovated) interiors of the space—although it was pretty much a group effort!
Look for the sky-blue gate and the pink signboard. Mahalo! (And follow us on Twitter, IG, and FB, too.)

There’s the quick update from my end, as well as a (reasonable) justification for my blogging absence. Also why my own house is currently a mess and in desperate need for a do-over. Oh, someday, house, someday…
I would invite you to stay tuned for more updates, but at the rate I’m going, I don’t want you to wait another six months for that. JUST BEING HONEST. Haha.
So I shall end this with..

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