What have I always been doing if not say YES to things that scare me?
This blog, my band, my interior styling career. All because I said that three-letter word that changes the course of one’s life.
I know I’m being overly dramatic about this, but I’d like to think this is a pivotal moment in my (fledgling) career as an interior stylist. Not quite a designer yet, but already getting opportunities that I know any ID student would kill to have—OF COURSE I’D SAY YES!
What am I talkng about? Sorry, I do tend to get carried away.

I’m currently in Cebu City, origibally because my band, Techy Romantics, was invited to play at the opening of H&M in Ayala Center Cebu. (That happened tonight, btw.) So hubby and I (we’re bandmates too) thought, hey, why not bring the babycat along? We asked for an earlier flight and have made a family vacation out of it as well. Our other bandmate also brought his wife and toddler with him, so we’re all one big happy band family.

We even scored a cottage for the day at Bluewater Maribago Resort in Mactan…thanks to band connections 😉

And then, just a week before leaving, my dad asked me if I could help him out with this project he’s been working on with his siblings here in Cebu. My dad’s from here, and recently, he and his siblings formed a corporation and built a low-rise condominium on their ancestral property in Lahug. My mom had previously asked me to help her design the unit we were getting, so I was already pretty excited about that. But now here’s my dad, asking me to design the interiors of the entire building. 
So here I am. Yesterday, I went around the city to see several local suppliers to source and canvas materials, and also to visit the construction site.
Hello, building.

It’s all overwhelming, to say the least, but I am considering this my make-or-break moment—meaning YOU BETTER NOT SCREW THIS UP, CAMYL.
During my free time—like bathroom breaks and while the babycat is enjoying the beach or the pool—I try to catch up on schoolwork. I’m currently enrolled in three online courses, two of which I explained in this post. I took a third one, this time about taking better photos for the blog and Instagram. I’m not yet that far into the course, but I’d like to think that my Instagram photos have slightly improved. Here are some examples:
This is a shot of the feature I styled for the Power Plant Mall’s Holiday Gift Guide, WISH.

Put up the Christmas decor at home last weekend, to the babycat’s delight.

Fell in love with these coffee tables by Vito Selma, which I spotted while doing our soundcheck at the H&M Ayala Center

I still have a long way to go, but I think the course is helping! I don’t really plan on monetizing this blog—talk to me again in 5 years and let’s see if I’m singing a different tune by then—but I do want to take better pictures at the very least for my own portfolio as a stylist or designer.
Anyway, that’s all from me today. Still have coursework and design work and band work ahead—not to mention #familyQT—so this is me, signing off for now!