Got really old, sad-looking appliances at home?
No budget to buy newer, better appliances?
Need a quick and easy DIY project to do something…anything about it?
If you answered yes, yes, and yes to the questions above, then this is the post for you.
Last week, while staring at our laundry area and racking my brain for ideas on how to improve the way it looks without spending so much, I thought of covering up—at least temporarily—our washing machine and mini refrigerator (don’t ask why we have a mini ref up there). (Okay fine, we have a mini ref on reserve on the roofdeck for when we entertain guests up there and can cool our drinks without having to bring up too many buckets of ice.)
I’ve seen online some washer and dryer units dressed up with tape, so I thought of doing the same. It’s a quick and easy DIY project—but you have to think of what pattern you want the tape to follow. Since I barely had time for this impromptu project, I decided on making things easy and creating a slightly “abstract” heart for my washer. The design for the mini ref only came to me when I finished our washing machine.
But anyway. For this project, you will need:
• electric tape in your preferred color (I used red)
• a pair of scissors
• a little patience
I started with cutting up 1.5″ long strips of tape. I tried to collect as many as possible, so that when it was time to stick ’em up, I could do so with ease.

DIY: How to make tape art over old appliances
My strips of tape, ready for disposal.

Then just stick them up following the outline or shape of your pattern in mind.
If you need a guide, use a pencil, the way I did for the mini ref.
DIY: How to make tape art over old appliances
Just drew this free-hand style, but up to you if you want to follow a stencil or pattern. (and how dirty is that ref? I took this picture after already cleaning the surface. There really is no hope for it.)

Here’s a view of the outline of my drawing already done…
DIY: How to make tape art over old appliances
And here is the finished product. (Yup, it was that quick.)
DIY: How to make tape art over old appliances
I can actually still fill up the whole face with tape, but ain’t nobody got time for that! (some other day maybe…)

And there you have it.
My quick, weekday project. *bow*