So. Hi.
I just wanted to check in here because I’ve been feeling quite disappointed with myself that I haven’t been blogging as I’d dreamed I would be. Sometimes I wonder what all those supermom-bloggers do to be able to make all those super-hyper-advanced-carpentry types of home projects, and blog, and live a life.
Okay so that was a hypothetical question, let’s not start any “They have help!” or “They have people who work for them” arguments. They may or they may not. But here I am.
Where am I really? Trying to do everything all at once. Be a mom. A manager. A student. A writer. A blogger. A singer. A cook. A decorator. A wife. A marketer. A freelancer. A mom. A wife. Those last two are already a lot by themselves.
Sige na, ako na. Ako na ang maraming kayang gawin. Ever since I was young, I’d always been derided for trying to do everything. To be honest, I sometimes want to consider—as most people are often wont to say these days—that maybe I just have ADHD, that’s why I can’t sit still, I can’t stay put, I can’t be doing just one thing. (No offense meant to those who are really battling with ADHD tendencies and symptoms). But am just putting it in the way many others do to explain why they’re all over the place.
One thing I know for sure is that it runs in the family. (If you know me and my parents and sisters, we are all…well, all over the place. Always trying to do so many things, always wanting to say yes to every invitation to try something new. We’ve all individually reached several breaking points in our lives, from trying to do so many things, but I guess you can’t stop a Besinga from being a Besinga.)
I……don’t want to finish my train of thought on that note as it’s way past my bedtime (2am). But I do want to share with you my “Whole House Color Plan,” which I learned how to do over at School of Decorating. Not an easy task, but it did teach me how to use color theory in picking out colors for my entire house.
Basically I had to take stock of all the fixed finishes in our house, determined the major undertone, decided on which color scheme to use, picked a bold color, second, and 3rd colors, and event accent colors.

Et voila.
{Edit: Adding these next few bits in the morning, as I feel much more refreshed after getting some shut-eye}
I took one of the core classes in my School of Decorating (SoD) course called “Create a Cohesive Whole House Color Plan,” and boy, did it teach me a lot. I’ve always thought that as an amateur decorator, color is my weakest point. Even while I was studying at the Philippine School of Interior Design, I had trouble looking at colors during my Color Theory class (plus I didn’t feel the teacher was able to effectively impart enough know-how—she liked talking about herself more than the course content). But at SoD, I learned that undertones in colors are everything. It took me a while to figure out the undertones of everything in my house right now, mainly because the lighting inside is so bad (our windows are tinted blue). 
The fixed finishes in my house (those permanent things that I didn’t replace when we moved in, like walls, ceilings, flooring, tiles, faucets, hardware, etc.) mostly have a warm undertone, while the whites used on the ceilings, doors, and trim had a yellow undertone. The wall color that our house’s builder used is a paint color from Davies called “Antique White,” which has a pink undertone. It actually kind of clashes with the yellow-undertoned white. I’ve never been a fan of it, but they used it in all the large spaces in the house—all the walls on all the floors. So I had to work with it; otherwise, I would need to repaint. 
I knew I wanted to put more of my favorite color in (that’s blue), because right now, it looks like our house has a mishmash palette with mostly green walls, thanks to the accent walls we painted in the first floor and my library. 

Please don't mind this ugly photo and that ugly console. Just wanted to show the green accent wall on our first floor, with the red abstract painting that came with the house when we bought it. We'd been wanting to replace it but haven't gotten around to doing so.
Please don’t mind this ugly photo and that ugly console. Just wanted to show the green accent wall on our first floor, with the red abstract painting that came with the house when we bought it. We’d been wanting to replace it but haven’t gotten around to doing so.

Then I thought I was all for complementary color schemes (colors opposite each other on the color wheel), since I favor contrasts more than anything, but surprisingly, following the flow chart that was provided at SoD, I picked an analogous scheme—colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Analogous schemes are often called “harmonious” color schemes, because the adjacent progression of colors provides a relaxing, calming feeling. I picked this because I knew I wouldn’t be repainting our green walls anytime soon, and if I wanted to use my favorite color as my main 
Then I learned that even if I picked such a color palette, it was still possible to play with contrasts through accent colors, that I again could use color theory with. (I picked a color triad, basically, so that I could add soft red, yellow, and blue accents throughout our house.)
I tell you, it’s such an informative class! And explained in a way that is so easy to follow, thanks to our teacher’s systematic way of teaching. 
I plan to use this palette more around the house—in furniture, accessories, desktop decor. I’m also adding accent colors—soft, grayed-out reds, lemon yellow, and some soft, shades of blue and possibly black.
When I do get around to doing that, I promise you, I shall post about it here in my blog. Until then, ciao!