Happy Monday, folks!
Such fantastically gloomy weather to match everyone’s upbeat, welcome-a-new-workweek mood. I myself woke up with such a longing for the weekend, even if I do have the privilege of foregoing rush-hour traffic by working from home. By 9:00 a.m., I was still in my pajamas, considering how it seemed like 5:30 a.m. to me.
And of course, when I walked back into our bedroom, it was in such a state of disarray that half of me wanted to go back to sleep and just forget errythang, while the other half wanted to clean it up and get my day started ASAP (especially since I had so much worked piled up). 

messy bedroom how to fix your bedroom
Our messy bedroom. I had to turn on all the (warm white) lights as the weather was too gloomy to shoot in (nonexistent) natural light.

messy bedroom how to fix your bedroom
Another view of our messy room showing the babycat’s junior bed, and my cluttered vanity

messy bedroom how to fix your bedroom
My husband’s closet and a couple of chairs we use mainly for wearing shoes/waiting for our turn in the bathroom/mindlessly trawling Facebook from our phones….

Good thing I listened to my conscience. I told myself, cleaning up should just take a few minutes. Plus, it’ll no doubt wake me up from my Monday-AM lethargy and get me going.
Not everyone has the privilege of starting Mondays like this, I know. I used to work in an office for almost a decade, and my Mondays (or week mornings for that matter) almost always didn’t have time for cleaning, much less making the bed. But I do know the value of cleaning up. As I often tell myself, it should come to us involuntarily, so our rooms don’t end up collecting enough clutter and dust to get us on Hoarders. It’s like a muscle we should continually exercise, until we eventually learn to start (or end) our day with a bit of clearing and cleaning.
Sometimes, looking at one room’s state of disarray is enough to send us packing (well, not literally). It pays to know where to start. I am disorganized enough to know that I have to do things step by step in order to get results. This is mainly why I make checklists in my head, or in countless scattered notebooks (or in my phone’s notepad), not really because I’m Type A or anything. (My friends will most likely disagree, but I’d like to think I know myself more than, um, they do.) This time, I made my own checklist on how to clean up our messy bedroom.
how to clean up your room checklist
Yeah, I made this checklist in my head.

You don’t have to do it in this order, but I like doing it this way because I need to start off first with an aired-out bedroom more than anything. We close the windows at night mainly because the babycat gets night terrors and we don’t want to wake our neighbors for when she does. (If you ask me, I would rather keep them open so we won’t have to use the a/c.) Come morning, the room is so stuffy, it makes my head ache. So throw open those windows and pull your shades up—airing out your room helps keep it fresh, and letting the sunlight in does wonders in keeping mold and mildew out.
I tackle the bed next because it’s the main element of a bedroom and I find it hard to fix around a messy bed. Now when I do not clear out surfaces in the room for a few days or so, they tend to collect clutter. So I took most of my time doing this, as I had collected a significant number of books, magazines, and other items that don’t normally belong in the bedroom (which you can clearly see from the photos above).
It took me much longer to do this this time because I had to clear out our overnight bags from the weekend (we spent the weekend at my parents’). But on any given day, this shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, tops (unless I get distracted by some magazine or book or other item, which normally happens).
Afterwards, I returned said items to their proper places, usually in other rooms in the house. Books in the library, magazines in the den, bags in the closet, etc. Only then do I dust surfaces and sweep, because it’s hard to dust tables and such with so much stuff lying around.
Here’s how the room looks like now (pardon my poor iPhone pics! I should stop using my iPhone to take pics, but sometimes, it’s the easiest way to record things…):
before and after messy bedroom how to fix your bedroom before and after messy bedroom how to fix your bedroom before and after messy bedroom how to fix your bedroom
Took me a good half hour to clean up this morning, and I worked up a sweat too that I had to take another shower. I’m not promising you a Pinterest-worthy bedroom—hey, we all have our own ideals on what a lovely home looks like—but cleaning up does wonders. Not only did this short exercise benefit me with a clean bedroom, but in a way, it also cleared up and organized my muddled thoughts and helped me jumpstart my day. It quickened my pulse enough to wake me up from lethargy (and out of my peejay’s) too, and made me feel energized to tackle my workload. My AFTER photos may not be as nice as magazine before-and-after’s, but you can see the difference.
I guess this is me putting this out here, as a reminder to myself that I should clean up more often than I normally do! :p
How about you, what do you do on Monday mornings to get your workweek started?
Cover image courtesy of Fubiz.