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9 creative ways to make your own headboard


Well now wasn’t today’s onslaught of rain and wind (and hail in some parts of the metro, I hear!) something? I hope no one got hurt in this afternoon’s maelstrom, and that everyone’s home from the horrendous traffic that ensued.

If you recall over the weekend, I posted about how I switched up the look of my home office shelves three times and wasn’t too happy with the end result. While I did remember to change it up a fourth time last Monday, I couldn’t take a good picture—not that I know how to, but anyway….—due to the fleeting sunlight. So as soon as the weather stops changing its mind and decides once and for all that it can stay sunny throughout at least a couple hours or so (it takes me a while to shoot) I will take photos of my office shelves.

In the meantime, I busied myself with doing some “research” over at Pinterest—among the gazillion other things that I’ve been busying my freelancer self with this week. An old friend of mine asked me way back over on Facebook messenger about ideas on DIY headboards, and I thought, hey, why not scour the Great Out There (a.k.a. The WWW, or sometimes, just Pinterest) for her? I didn’t need a headboard for myself as we already use a bed frame with one, but who doesn’t love trawling (not trolling, there’s a BIG difference) the net for home and decor ideas? 

My friend didn’t exactly say what budget she had for making the headboard, but it being DIY, I figured it needed to be 1) unique, something you can’t easily buy, 2) can be done using local materials and tools (because the rest of the world doesn’t have the same power tools and supplies as the Pinterest of America), and/or 3) something that’s not so insanely expensive.

With this criteria, I set off to find some unique and doable headboards. Whether you’re extremely crafty and have a can-do attitude, or think you can easily direct a handyman or carpenter to do this for you, I think you’ll be able to find some headboard ideas down below to use IRL.

{Now before I start with my list, a disclaimer: Some of my sources here didn’t give detailed instructions on how to make each headboard, so I tried to come up with a quick/simplistic how-to just by looking at the photo. If you do try any of these ideas and find something wrong with my “steps”, please! Let me know so I can quickly edit this entry. Applies too if you think you have a better/easier way to execute these headboards. ☺️}

Here goes! My very own list of 9 unique and creative DIY headboards.


This one is from Tumblr, but I love the simple three-dimensionality of it. I presume this can easily be done with either wallpaper/wrapping paper/cartolina treated with some paint or tea stains and a border of washi tape (or even electric tape, though that could damage the wall paint), then nail up a eucalyptus branch (dried if real, or you can buy faux). Another way you can make this is by tacking up corkboard (cut according to your preferred size) on the wall and surrounding it with wood trim painted black. (You can buy wood trim for the hardware store or a home depot store like Wilcon or CW Home Depot, but ask if you can have the wood pre-cut to size.) Then cover that up with your wallpaper or wrapping paper by using tacks again. This makes switching up the paper and plant or branch much easier.


An overhead canopy that’s made out of fabric and two curtain racks hung from the ceiling and wall. I can’t get over the fact that it’s that simple to make, yet makes the bedroom look so elegant. Hop over to DesignSponge for the full set of instructions.


Here’s another version of the overhead canopy, but this one is made of a reed/bamboo shade. I know these are sold in retail from high-end to mid-range, but you can get them for really cheap from those manongs by the side of the road (like along Temple Drive in White Plains). Though I imagine it’d be a bit of a pain to maintain, since those shades tend to be difficult to operate, unless you install them from the ceiling with pulleys.


Simply create a guide on your wall using pencil and painter’s or masking tape, then paint ovee with your preferred color to form the border. If you’re not too skilled with pencil or paint, ask an artist-friend or professional painter to do it for you.


Decals are so last decade. Okay, I exaggerate, but IMHO, if they’re being sold by a spammer-style seller on Instagram, they’re either on their way to being or they already are laos. #justsaying (Then again, there are some pretty classic decals out there, or you can easily make one yourself. Just don’t go overboard, that’s key!)

Now washi tape has also reached its peak, but there still are some pretty interesting washi wall art out there. And it’s a more flexible medium than decals, which means, yes, you can go crazy with it. Or as in the case of the photo above, you can go urban-minimalist with it.

Now here’s something even a college dormer or young renter could do. This headboard is made out of sturdy cardboard taped up together and covered with fabric. Since it’s already made with fabric, why not go the extra mile and add foam batting, like the photos below?



I have never bought batting before, but I do suspect this is something you can easily buy from fabric suppliers or retailers, or from good ol’ Divisoria.

My only problem with fabric-upholstered anything in this country is that it easily catches dust. This will be problematic especially if you picked a light-colored fabric to begin with. When you have a fabric-covered item, it pays to make it easily removable, so you can just throw it in the wash when it needs cleaning.


People seldom think of arranging the bed in front of a pair of windows like this. But if it can be done, then why not? The central wall already acts like a headboard, if you will, and more so when accented with a pair of faux antlers.


Here’s something with materials you can buy from department stores (perfect for the budget-conscious): Get a curtain rod (make sure it spans the width of your bed) with a central bracket, your preferred fabric, and a pair of throw pillows or seat cushions. Then either sew the pillow tabs and cover yourself (or have them custom-made by your favorite mananahi) and hang.


Crown moulding is something you can easily buy from home depot stores. Just paint or stain them, then form a frame on the wall with ’em, and drill. {Note! Don’t attempt to drill if you don’t know how to!!! Better leave this task to a pro.} Then fill the center with your favorite fabric/wallpaper/what-have-you by nailing it directly to the wall (or you can have some boards installed and nail your fabric/paper on the boards).

I actually found more headboards to include here, but my eyes are slowly giving way to sleep. (I actually almost typed “fill the center with your favorite spaghetti” in the previous paragraph! 😁) So will keep this short for the meantime, but if you want me to continue this list—or if you want me to research on some other home project ideas—just comment below.

Good night for now!

Cover image from Stars for Streetlights

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  1. We did the overhead canopy thing to “cure” a beam so it was partly for feng shui purposes but the aesthetic results were great. Our ceiling is low and the canopy gave the room a cozier feeling almost like sleeping under a 4-poster

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