Hi everyone.
Well, I can’t seem to post regularly on my blog now, can I? My sincerest apologies for this. Been going through some, um, things, in life lately, so this had to take a backseat.
Anyway. Moving on.
We spent the weekend over at my parents. I love (1,000,000x) spending the night at my parents. It feels a lot like a hotel staycation—plush guestroom suite (with an awesome garden view, and a T&B with bathtub), unlimited coffee, buffet (lazy susan) breakfast, and the a/c on longer than I would normally dare.
Okay, abuso na kung abuso. (I’m pretty sure my two other sisters, who live in the same compound as my parents with their own families, will say as much.)
Just recently, my mom rearranged some of the furniture in her living room and masters suite, and had to switch out some of the armchairs. This rearrangement left a reading nook on this narrow hallway (sort of an interior balcony, or open landing, if you will, that overlooks our living room) quite empty.

Naturally, quick-thinking me got crazy with ideas as soon as I saw the somewhat empty space. Since I really don’t have my mom’s blessing to decorate it (I didn’t tell her about my ideas) and am such an expert on no-budget decorating (a.k.a. making-do-with-stuff-at-home decorating), I looked around the house for stuff I could use if my mom would let me decorate the empty reading nook.
And here are the results.
1. Kid-Friendly Filipiniana 
For this look, I took inspiration from the sliding doors with the colorful sampaguita glass panels to the side of the landing.
Since the space is generally vertical (high ceiling, narrow landing), I decided to populate the area below regular seat height. The tall bookshelves and floor lamp already fill up the space from floor to ceiling anyway.
I found a low, wooden chair (in the uniquely Pinoy, rough-hewn but dark-stained style [I wish I knew what this was called, if you do, let me know]), and used that as the main piece of furniture.

Since it’s very low—almost like a low stool—I added pillows to encourage sitting on the floor for more comfortable book browsing.

I remembered myself in my younger days, when I would sit on the floor of our then library (now our plush “hotel” guestroom suite), browsing through each letter volume of our encyclopedia set. So I knew this book holder would come in handy, especially when reading books that are heavy.

The series of artworks on the wall are my sister Dindi’s watercolor-and-ink paintings.
I would think the grandkids would love to hang out in a place like this. I know I would.
2. Country Comfort

I initially put an upholstered armchair here, which was what my mom relegated to the guest bedroom during the recent Great Furniture Shakeup. But it was too wide for the space. It fit, but didn’t exactly leave much room for anything else. (Sorry i forgot to take a photo!)
Visually and functionally, heavy furniture only weigh any corner or space down. I replaced the upholstered armchair with this wicker one, which is much slimmer than the former, but still offers as much comfort. Truly an American cottage trademark.

In one corner behind the chair, I placed a round side table where the reader could place, say, a pair of glasses, or a drink.

I love that the floral inlay on the tabletop sort of mimics the upholstery on my mom’s wicker armchair. And will you check out that greyhound lamp?
My mom had found it in Kamuning Swap Meet—the place to find great antiques and vintage whatevers. It’s already got nicks and scratches, but don’t you just love how stately the greyhound is lifting its head and paw, as if smelling the air for the scent of rabbit? How very English country.

Closer detail of what I’ve christened as my mom’s Downton Abbey lamp

So there you have it. One reading nook, two ways. Which one do you like better?