For quite some time now, my husband and I had been thinking of buying another bed for our toddler. You see, she already has a junior bed in her nursery, which is where she naps and spends most of her day. But since the nursery’s up on the 3rd floor and I’m not quite ready yet to let her sleep on her own and so far away from us, we also have a playpen—the same one she used to sleep in as an infant—in the masters’ bedroom, which is where she sleeps at night. 
{On a side note, I’m not really a fan of sharing our bed with her, not because I’m selfish, but because I would rather get her used to sleeping on her own, even if it is in the same room. Besides, I had my own crib-turned-bed in my own nursery ever since I was born, and I turned out alright, didn’t I? I’m not really a proponent of all the popular parenting methods like attachment parenting or French parenting (though I’d like to think I’m more of the latter than the former), but more of the gut-feel-and-experience-based kind of parenting. Anyway, ang dami kong sinabi.}
My husband and I had unknowingly been delaying buying a bed because, well, funds, and also because, um, sayang! May kama na nga, bibili pa ng isa? So for many weeks, the babycat had been sleeping cramped-style in her playpen, the poor thing. (Which is bad for her posture—I know, I know!)
But sometimes, the Universe is kind and throws you something from its deep pocket of surprises. Our yaya—who is actually the hubby’s distant cousin and whom babycat calls her Tita Yaya—was talking to another cousin-in-law when she mentioned that hubby and I were looking for a bed. Lo and behold, cousin-in-law had a junior bed in storage that needed dispensing! So Tita Yaya hightailed to our house with the disassembled junior bed in tow, and tonight, hubby and I set it up at the foot of our bed.

I love how it sort of matches our IKEA bed frame. It’s made of aluminum and powder-coated in white. Assembly took us all of 5 minutes, but since it didn’t come with a mattress, we had to use the mattress from babycat’s nursery bed (we replaced that one with a foldable mattress for the meantime). The length fits the bed frame perfectly, but lacks a couple inches in width. Hence, the throw pillows stuck to the side, between the mattress and the side railings. Our next project is to get another mattress custom-made for this junior bed, so that we won’t have to resort to sticking pillows to the sides.
Plus, we have yet to buy really nice bed linen for the junior bed, so this one’s made with mismatched sheets. No biggie, no one’s having a heart attack over the sheets.
I placed bolster pillows under the fitted sheet for added safety, but we also tightly tied the left side of the junior bed to our bed, so it wouldn’t move.
Here’s a cute detail from the headboard though:

Sometimes, it pays to shout to the Universe that you need something, and let It answer in Its own time. What was it that a Great Someone said? “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find…” I know, I’m waxing biblical here for a silly little bed, but, hey, I’m pretty happy with this freebie!

(And it looks like the babycat’s comfy in it, too!)