Here’s a quick DIY project from the proverbial throwback baul. 
My hubby got this old floor lamp from his home because it was hardly used and was wasting away in a corner.
By the time he’d “rescued” it from obsolescence, its lampshade had already acquired a water stain that was proving very hard to remove. We didn’t want to bleach it because the lampshade was cream, not white.
I know, I know, it’s so easy to buy a brand new lampshade from any department store or light fixture store or home depot.
Guess who’s just plain lazy to go get a new one?

BEFORE: Nondescript (and stained and dirty) lampshade
BEFORE: Nondescript (and stained and dirty) lampshade.

Here is the lamp in a corner of our living room. You can barely see the water stain on the bottom left; I hide the stain from plain view by facing that part of the lampshade to the wall.
Of course when we clean or sweep or move things around to, say, turn on the lamp, or the electric fan, or get something from the bodega to the left of the lamp, or whatever, the lampshade moves as well and the stain ends up front and center.
{I don’t have a photo of the stain because at that time, I didn’t know I’d be blogging about it and didn’t think I needed to document it.}
After the nth time of turning the lampshade around to hide the stain, I said, “THAT’S ENOUGH!” and went out and bought a new one.
Instead of doing what I shudda done, I got a pencil and black marker, then lightly made lines with my pencil around the lamp to guide my writing. Then without even thinking of spacing or typography, went ahead and wrote the lyrics of The Cure’s “Lovecats” directly on the lampshade with my marker.
AFTER: The Cure-fied lampshade, still stained, but 100x much cooler, methinks
AFTER: The Cure-fied lampshade, still stained, but 100x much cooler, methinks

And {sing it with me!} I really really really really really really like it! Do you like it? Coz I like it, and I want you to.
For some reason, it’s gained so much positive attention from guests that I’m actually thinking of keeping it. Or maybe when I do finally get a new lampshade (because this one’s already a decade old), I’ll write on it again. I think it adds a graphic punch to an otherwise nondescript corner of the living room.
What do you think?
And with that, I give you these music videos to cheer up your gloomy, rainy morning.