So it’s Game 3 between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. My hubby is a Lakers fan, but since they didn’t make it to the finals, he’s rooting for his “fellow Californians” (his words). I know NOTHING about basketball, but being the hyper-emotional creature that I am, I easily get carried away with a bunch of guys get so heated up over a silly game.
Okay, okay, not so silly, I was kiddingggg! not really okay really
Instead of spouting stats and trivia (because that would really be the height of poseurism), I went online to look for game night entertaining ideas. I’ll stick to what I do best! When entertaining for a bunch of guys, there’s no need to buy flowers or set up your most, Pinterest-worthy vignettes. Don’t even bother bringing out your best china.

This really pretty setup will just be lost on them boys.
This really pretty setup will just be lost on them boys. (Image courtesy of

While there’s no problem with making your guy and his bunch use the china, what’s the point? They won’t even notice it. (Or if they will, they’ll either proceed on “accidentally” breaking it, or laugh that you even bothered to make an effort.) The only thing you’ll ever need to do is to think of what the guys will need, and prepare those in advance. Lessens all the “where can I find this or that?” inquiries from your guests, makes it less stressful for you (you won’t have to deal with them) and them (they won’t have to bother you).
Did I just typecast you, guys? I totally did, didn’t I. I’m sorry, but just like any well-versed marketer, it’s not so easy to plan an event when you don’t know who you’re planning for. So let’s pretend we’re planning for game night with a bunch of my husband’s basketball friends. You know who you are. And you probably aren’t reading this haha.
So what do guys need for game night? Lots of seating and surfaces. Comfy seating is great, though by the third or fourth quarters, they will most likely be on their feet. But La-Z Boy-style seats or lounge chairs like the ones below are great for quick, halftime catchups and analyses.
Image courtesy of

Ohh, wouldn't the hubby love a home theatre room like this one.
Ohh, wouldn’t the hubby love a home theatre room like this one. (image courtesy of

Expecting more guests? Set up a long table behind your couch, and line it up with chairs. For those who cannot watch games without plates heaped with food.
Image courtesy of

When it comes to entertaining for guys, the one other important element that they will DEFINITELY notice is the grub. So go all out (and I mean serve them plenty options), but make sure it’s handy.
Raid the supermarket for fried finger foods
Raid the supermarket for fried finger foods (image courtesy of

Make your own taco holders!
Make your own taco holders! (image courtesy of

The photo above recycles all those bags of chips, and almost completely eliminates the need to wash up dishes after (let’s be real, you’ll still need to wash up the serving dishes, glasses, and utensils). Just scoop all the taco ingredients into the bag and eat away.
Popcorn buffet (image courtesy of
Popcorn buffet (image courtesy of

Have a big bowl or basket of popcorn ready, plus several small bowls of other nibblers, like M&Ms and nuts.
No need to buy this on Etsy. Just reuse old shoe boxes and you're good.
No need to buy this on Etsy. Just reuse old shoe boxes and you’re good. (Image courtesy of Etsy)

Letting them have their own party trays also helps limit spills and trash.
Guy-invented, guy-certified. Image courtesy of Pinterest)
Guy-invented, guy-certified. (Image courtesy of Pinterest)

This one is making me want to have my own crock pot. (In fact, go on Pinterest and you’ll find plenty of easy crockpot recipes. I’m the worst cook in the world, but I do want to cook, so I think this will help ease me into the kitchen…) It’s easy, quick, and doesn’t use many prep tools and serving dishes. Guys won’t mind that you’re serving them food straight from the pot either.
What's a party without booze? This here is what I call
This here is what I call “classy booze.” (Image courtesy of

What’s a party without booze? Set up a serve-yourself drinks buffet and leave the work to them.
Buckets of softdrinks, beer, bottled water
Buckets of softdrinks, beer, bottled water (image courtesy of

While these galvanized tin buckets look cute, you don’t have to tear your hair out looking for them (though I did find them and bought myself one from Urban Abode, and some people tell me they have these in Divisoria), you don’t have to use these exact ones for a guys’ party. Any plastic bin (I am totally referring to everyone’s favorite balde) will do (TRUST ME. Don’t let your OC-I-want-everything-pretty tendencies get the better of you. These little things won’t matter). Or if you don’t want puddles around your drinks setup, use a cooler, and put a towel under it.
What else will your guy guests need? Tissue. Plenty of tissue. And I mean in the bathroom (what were you thinking?!?). Check that the flush is working, and can withstand multiple bathroom trips. Keep the dainty, breakable decor out of sight.
Now leave them so they can enjoy the game in peace! Or, if you can’t win ’em, join ’em. My trick is to ask questions about a call, a certain player (but not too often or they’ll find you annoying). Guys LOVE answering basketball-related questions from clueless people (me), as it lets them show off what they know. If you don’t want to do that, then lock up in your room and go on Pinterest. LOL which is what I would do. How predictable am I?