And now for the third and final part (mostly pics) of this throwback post to my daughter’s hobbit birthday party!

(Check these links for the first and second installments, where I talked about all the materials and preps for the party, as well as the food that was served and decor that we put up…all mostly DIY’ed!)

hobbit family at birthday party

Our first family pic for the day. Daughter and I were supposed to have matching crowns, but of course she didn’t want to wear them!

All the Costumed Middle-Earthers

We asked all the guests to come as their favorite Lord of the Rings characters, and it was so fun to see them—mostly our kiddie guests!

kid dressed as Gandalf the Gray

My nephew is the cutest Gandalf the Grey (with all due respect to Sir Ian McKellen!).

Hobbit birthday party guests in costume

That’s my nephew as Saruman the White, and his scepter (carried by his dad a.k.a. my brother in law).

Lolo (grandpa) Rudy—my dad—leading the prayers, in his hobbit getup

having peanut butter sandwiches at hobbit party

The wizard Saruman, greedily and gleefully spreading his peanut butter onto his “lembas” (pan de sal) bread

Costumed Gandalf and hobbit girl having a conversation

Gandalf and Baby Hobbit having a serious discussion about the One Ring…

Costumed kids at hobbit birthday party

Saruman, an Ent, Gandalf, and an Elf princess in pink (or so she says…)


Pinoy party games, but make it LOTR-ish

We did just a few party games as we wanted to keep the event relaxed and casual. We also didn’t want to make anything too complicated, so we took our cues from the usual Filipino birthday party games.

Of course, we put a Middle Earth spin on all of them!

A Trip around the Party Tree

guests playing musical chairs around hobbit party tree

For the first game, we did the “Trip Around Jerusalem” (or more commonly known as musical chairs). But this time, we did “Trip Around the Party Tree.”

Check out the “party tree” that my husband fashioned out of craft paper, crepe paper, and our Christmas holly.

Kids running during musical chairs game at birthday party

Quite an exciting buildup to this game, though the final two participants had a lot of help from their dads!

guests playing musical chairs around the hobbit party tree

In the end, the wizard won!

Slay the Dragon's Pot!

hobbit party game with claypot palayok

For our next game, we did “Pukpok Palayok”, which is similar to the piñata party game. But instead of a decorated cardboard donkey filled with candy, we Pinoys fill a claypot (or palayok) with kiddie treats.

I know, not exactly a child-safe game, but that’s how we roll! 

To put our LOTR spin into this popular Pinoy party game, I asked my sister to dress up the claypot as a dragon. 

I swear, this is supposed to be Smaug the Dragon LOL. Still creepy, IMHO! 

kids grabbing candy from broken claypot game

Our first Slay the Dragon participant made a successful hit on the first try, so of course all the kids scrambled to the floor for their share of the treasure.

Blowing the Hobbit Birthday Cake

We ended on a high note by gathering round the hobbit hole cake and singing the happy birthday song to our hobbit celebrant.

Guests gathered around the birthday cake

Singing the Happy Birthday song…

blowing the hobbit birthday cake

…to the clueless and teething celebrant!

hobbit family at birthday party

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this photo recollection of our DIY hobbit birthday party, which we threw for our daughter way back in 2014.

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